Zoologist Panda EDP Perfume Review

Zoologist Panda Perfume

Zoologist Perfumes is a Toronto-based niche perfume line with as you can see, adorable packaging. The line currently consists of three perfumes. With my introduction to the line, I wanted to try my favorite animal offered, Panda. In general, I really connect with giant pandas because we both eat all of the time and wear too much eye makeup.

Panda is opens like a water garden and leather. It’s dank, green and slightly dirty. The osmanthus in this is so leathery which usually isn’t an aspect of osmanthus that I get to sniff in perfumery. The heart is more like waterlilies and wet roots. Panda dries down to an ozone-like musk with a woodsy incense.

Overall, Panda reminds me of what a water garden smells like. It’s green, wet, earthy with hints of floral. However, this is based on my experience. I haven’t really had many chances to hang out in the mountainous forests in mainland China. When I wear the fragrance and think about its inspiration, it’s rather perfect. It captures the atmosphere that giant pandas live in but it also represents the panda. The fragrance has sillage and wears “big” without being overly aggressive or invasive. Because of this, it reminds me of big ‘ole cute pandas.

Huang Xiao Ming

Notes listed include Buddha’s Hand citron, bamboo, sichuan pepper, green tea, mandarin, zizu leaves, osmanthus, orange blossom, lilies, mimosa, incense, sandalwood, pemou root, cedar, fresh musk, bourbon, Haitian vetiver, and damp moss. Launched in 2014. PERFUMER – Paul Kiler

Give Panda a try if you like lush green fragrances. Panda is actually so unique that it’s difficult for me to think of other perfumes like it. I’d give it a try if you like the thought of a “green leather” or atmospheric “water garden” sort of fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Exotic Island Perfumes Waters of Aswan, Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius and/or Kenzo L’Eau. The line is unisex but I think Panda leans more traditionally masculine than feminine.

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 2oz perfume retails for $125 at Zoologist Perfumes. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONDamp florals and lush greens in a forest. It’s odd but that’s good. That’s why indies should exist. I like when indies give us scents that aren’t like anything else. Panda isn’t like anything else.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from the brand. Huang Xiaoming with pandas from because you know, an excuse to show a hunk with pandas. That rarely happens on EauMG.


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      It’s a unique scent. I always appreciate a fragrance that gives the sense of “environment”.

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