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Yves Rocher Traditional Gardenia Manoi Oil Review

Yves Rocher Manoi oil

 I love multi-tasking products. Yves Rocher Traditional Gardenia Manoï Oil is a wonderful product for the money. It is multi-purpose product with a sexy gardenia fragrance. It is composed of 50% Manoï of Tahiti (a mix of coconut oil and gardenia blossoms) that leaves skin and hair moisturized and smelling beautiful.

This moisturizing oil can be used on hair or body. I like to use it as an after bath body oil. It is “greasy” but considering that it is an oil, it does absorb quickly in comparison to other oils I use. A little goes a long way and it makes my legs look so smooth and flawless. This product can be used before or after sun exposure. I rarely get sun exposure. I use this after bath exposure 🙂 It really works wonders on dry skin. It adds a sheen that looks good when you show some leg. I also use Yves Rocher Manoi Oil has a cuticle oil. It is great for that. Occasionally, I have used this as a hair oil. I applied it and left it in for 30 minutes and washed it out with shampoo, like a hot oil treatment. It works this way too. Some of my friends use this on their naturally curly hair as a curl defining styling product. They like it the way it smells and how it defines their curls.

To the fragrance…This oil is highly fragrant with a sexy, sensual gardenia fragrance. It smells like manoï, gardenias in coconut oil. It isn’t the best smelling manoï I’ve used, but for its price range, I haven’t found one better. It is much cheaper than NARS and much better than the $10 hippie bottles I see at health food stores.Yves Rocher Manoi has a very pretty scent and it mixes well with other tropical floral fragrances or coconut scents. Still talking about multi-purpose products here, you could use this as a perfume oil, dabbing the oil on pulse points. The scent will transport you to Tahiti.

If you see white particles in your oil, this is normal. Warm up the bottle by running it under hot water for a few minutes. Manoi gets waxy under a certain temp.

A 3.4 oz. bottle retails for $15 but trust me, you can get it cheaper if you watch the sales on Yves Rocher. I usually get a bottle under $5! But, most of the time I get it at 50% about $7.50. It is available at Yves Rocher. I have went through so many bottles of this stuff! So, yes, this is a product that I really like.

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