Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour Perfume Review

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d'Amour

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I mentioned in my review of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose that there aren’t many good “mainstream roses”. Or at least there isn’t much competition in the way of designer/affordable rose perfumes. I guess I had forgotten about Yves Rocher when I wrote that review, because Yves Rocher does make some good roses that retail for way under $100. Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour is a perfect example of a good rose that isn’t niche (and won’t cost a fortune).

For the most part, all you need to really know about Quelques Notes d’Amour is that it is a jammy rose. It opens with a glimmer of spicy, warm pepper and sparkling aldehydes. There’s also a lot of raspberry jam with this spice. Fruits aren’t listed but there are definitely fruits/berries in this.The rest of the wear is a jammy rose with musk and pepper. It’s one of those roses that walks the line of “dark” and “light”. So many of its elements are that “dark jammy rose” and then it also has citrus-y freshness that I associate with a cottage garden rose. As it wears, it’s like dry woods, amber incense and I swear I pick up an earthy, roasted note that reminds me of French press coffee.

The theme of Quelques Notes d’Amour isn’t exceptional. It’s a spicy, warm jammy rose. However, I think it stands out because you can often pick up a bottle for $30…and it smells sort of like a “niche” rose. Since there aren’t Yves Rocher stores in the U.S., I figured that I should let all the rose lovers in the United States know that Yves Rocher makes good roses that are worth trying out if you are looking for something rose-y and not too expensive.

Danielle Darrieux

Notes listed include bergamot, red pepper, Damascus rose, guiaic wood, patchouli, cedar, amyris wood and benzoin. Launched in 2014. PERFUMER – Domitille Bertier

Give Quelques Notes d’Amour a try if you like jammy roses. Or perfumes like Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Velours, Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile, Nina Ricci L’Extase, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rose Explosion, Stella McCartney Stella, L’Occitane Roses et Reines and/or Givenchy Very Irresistible L’Eau en Rose.

Projection and longevity are average. I’m reviewing the EDP. There is also an EDT. I don’t know how the two compare. I also have the body products in this line and love them.

The 1.7 oz retails for $61 at Yves Rocher. It’s typically on sale so you can find a bottle for around $30. A travel-size is also available.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONJammy rose and cedar. I really like… and I really like it at its on-sale price.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pic is mine. Danielle Darrieux pic from She passed away last week at 100 years old. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour Perfume Review

  1. I really like Rose Jam body wash by Lush, but the scent doesn’t last as long as I’d like. I’m looking for a perfume to layer over it. Would you say this is one to try or, if not, do you have a recommendation?

    1. I love Rose Jam. They make a limited edition perfume and launch it around December (usually). However, it isn’t great as the shower gel but it is definitely close.

      I think this one could work but I do have a suggestion that is closer (assuming that you want Rose Jam in perfume form): Tauer Tauerville Rose Flash. It reminded me very much of Rose Jam shower gel. It’s more expensive than the Yves Rocher. And I do think the Yves Rocher layers nicely with Rose Jam. In fact, Rose Jam is what is in my shower right now and I’ve been using it at night and following up with this YR perfume. It’s a combo that I really like. There’s even a Quelques Notes d’Amour body lotion. I’m not one for scented lotions but it came free with a purchase so I’m using it at night. It layers nicely with Rose Jam too.

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