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Yves Rocher Polynesian Tiare Flower Shower Gel Review

Polynesian Tiare Flower Shower Gel

Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Polynesian Tiare Flower Shower Gel is a fragrant, tropical floral shower gel. I know that most of the U.S. is ready for fall since the summer was so hot and abusive. I’m not ready for fall. I still want summer since we didn’t really have a “proper” summer in the Pacific Northwest. My feelings aren’t going to change the seasons, but I can hold on to summer a little bit longer with the products like this shower gel.

The shower gel lathers nicely on a loofah. It cleanses skin and the lightweight foam rinses off easily. It doesn’t offer much moisture but it doesn’t strip my skin of moisture either. I still have to follow-up with a lotion. I do with all products.

The fragrance: The fragrance is a very pretty tiaré blend. This is a tropical gardenia fragrance with a hint of coconut. It smells rich and sensual. It’s lush but not too heavy. And it smells likes summer. I think this is a great bargain gardenia shower gel.

An 8.4 fl. oz bottle retails for $8. You know that Yves Rocher often offers sales. I usually get this product for under $5. This is a deal, especially for this product. You can get it at Yves Rocher.

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