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Yves Rocher Lilac Shower Gel Review

Lilac Shower Gel

Longing for spring? Yves Rocher Pur Désir de Lilas or Lilac Shower Gel is a really nice spring floral body wash for the money.The formula lathers nicely. I use it on a loofah so there is lots of foam. The formula easily rinses off and no residue is felt. This isn’t a moisturizing shower gel, so those with dry skin may not like the formula.

The scent is a lilac soliflore. It’s a soft, feminine, and powdery lilac. It’s really pretty and it does remind me of spring. I love the smell of lilacs and they are difficult to “bottle”. I think Yves Rocher did a good job with this product.

A 6.7 fl. oz bottle retails for $10. Watch the site for sales. I usually get this product for $5 or less. It’s available at Yves Rocher.

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4 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Lilac Shower Gel Review

    1. I think Yves Rocher shower gels are very nice for the price.
      The lilac is very pretty, feminine. I also like their Manoi.

  1. I love lilac. It smells like spring. I have the orange blossom shower gel by Yves Rocher. I like the fragrance of that one.

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