YOSH U4EAHH! 2.43 EDP Perfume Review

YOSH U4eahh

YOSH U4EAHH! (euphoria) is the self-described “carefree” perfume in the collection. I knew I’d struggle with this one. It’s “carefree” and the notes are fruity. I tend to feel uncomfortable wearing stuff like this.  I’m just not carefree enough. I’m not cute enough.

U4EAHH! is fruity with pears and melons. It starts to smell like cucumbers and watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Some of the “juiciness” remains and blooms into a dewy, cool floral with an ozonic musk. The heart reminds me of freshly sliced sour Granny Smith apples. It dries down to a sweet musk, some sweat and some sort of fruity-flavored lip gloss.

I already knew I’d struggle with this one but I don’t think I’m the demographic. The scent is for people that are younger (or feel younger) than me or should I say cuter than me? It’s not bad but it’s certainly not something that I see myself wearing. I’m from the generation that was smitten by fruity pear body sprays and even back then, I didn’t like pear. Pear and cucumber have never really been notes that I’ve ever liked. Saying that, I know many people that will love U4EAHH! because it’s fresh and fruity. And yes, carefreee.

Yvette Mimieux

Notes listed include pomegrante, aloe vera, cucumber, pear and water lily.

Give U4EAHH! a try if you like melon or pear perfumes. Or if you like perfumes like Victoria’s Secret Pear Glace, Annick Goutal Petite Cherie EDP, DSH Perfumes d’Anjou and/or Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Toit. Would be a good choice for spring or summer wear.

Projection is average. Longevity is below average.

The 1.7 oz retails for $110 on Amazon.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA “cute” pear, melon, cucumber fruity-floral. Not for me but if you like the idea of a cucumber or pear perfume, this is worth trying.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Luckyscent. Yvette Mimieux with puppies from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “YOSH U4EAHH! 2.43 EDP Perfume Review

  1. I have a feeling they’re going to struggle at that price point and with that name and target market.

    My God, that name. And I thought Isaac Mizrahi Eau So Fabulous was the worst name ever.

    1. I’m embarrassed to admit it took me too long to realize that it was “euphoria”. Excuse me, “euphoria!”

      OMG, I totally forgot about that Issac Mizrahi…for good reason 😉

  2. Hi there Victoria,
    I really liked the open and heart but U4EAHH! went too sweet and became painful for me at the end. The pretty sweet and biting tartness were fun, shame it turned.
    Thank you again for the Link-Love.
    Portia xx

    1. Those dang VS Pear Glace (and it’s knock-offs!) have made these notes so difficult for me to tolerate. Off subject (sort of), I remember Gwen Stefani launched G (not the Harajukus), I thought it would be worth sniffing. It was pear/cucumber and sooo not what I expected. It was a scrubber for me. Anyway, I remember reading in a fashion mag she used to wear VS Pear Glace. I was like “really Gwen?” So, what I’m saying is that it was one of my lessons in “nobody’s perfect”.

  3. I didn’t get the name either. In my mind, I just called it ‘Oh Yeah!!!’ 🙂
    I’ve smelled this several times in addition to the rest of the Yosh line, but was never captivated by any of them. They seem to get a lot of perfumista love though. I may be anosmic to her line specifically because they were so fleeting (1 hr) when I tried them on skin. Oh well, plenty of other lines to love!

    1. Haha, I totally got “Oh, Yeah” in the Kool-Aid Man voice when I read it. I never had to say it aloud so I didn’t really think about it.

      Ginger Ciao is my favorite from the line but I have to be in the mood for it. It’s beachy but sort of heavy.

      Some brands will work for you and some won’t. For every person that likes something, there will be someone that doesn’t. And that’s fine. I have lines that just do nothing for me, like Nasomatto and Comptoir Sud Pacifique. But, there are plenty of fans out there for them. And I have learned that life is short and there is so much out there to try that I’m not going to ponder over it too much 😉

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