YOSH 1.41 White Flowers EDP Perfume Review

YOSH White Flowers perfume

Years ago, I tried Yosh White Flowers  in a small boutique in Seattle. Returning home, my husband asked me, “Why don’t you smell like this all of the time?” This was my first experience with a Yosh perfume and back in those days I did not wear floral perfumes.

White Flowers opens with jasmine, rose and dirt. It reminds me of pulling weeds in a garden with flowers much more glamorous than the ones in my crummy garden. Somehow this fragrance makes me think that it is possible to be glamorous while pulling weeds… I also pick up a “lilac spice” and crushed greens and little white mushrooms. Many white floral perfumes are creamy, Yosh’s isn’t. It’s green with hints of earth. The white florals aren’t what this perfume is about. I pick up on rose, freesia, lilac. White Flowers is a floral fragrance. The flowers come in many different colors. And it’s heady. It’s floral. With time the fragrance “settles” and I’m left with spring florals and a slight powderiness.

Audrey Hepburn flowers

Notes listed include jasmine sambac, night blooming jasmine, violet, sweet pea, freesia, tea rose, rose maroc, gardenia, lily of the valley, lilac, Egyptian tuberose, Siberian fir, narcissus, and petitgrain. PERFUMER – Yosh Han

Give YOSH White Flowers a try if you like floral perfumes. Or if you like perfumes like Caron Fleur de Rocaille, Parfums delRae Coup de Foudre, Phaedon Rue des Lilas, and/or Tocca Giulietta. White Flowers is very floral. Because of that I view it as a feminine fragrance.

YOSH White Flowers has above average projection and average longevity. If strong florals give you a headache, you may want to avoid this one. It’s a potent floral.

The 1.7 EDP spray of YOSH White Flowers retails for $110 and is available on Amazon.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONNot sultry white flowers like tuberose, but spring florals like lilac and lily of the valley with a little bit of green. Bottom line is that to enjoy this one, you probably need to like floral fragrances. I’m still working on that 🙂

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*Sample came from my trip to Elements. Product pic from Ça Fleure Bon. Audrey Hepburn pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “YOSH 1.41 White Flowers EDP Perfume Review

  1. I love this one most after it’s been on my skin for half an hour or so. That’s when its delightful earthiness is more prominent for me, and I love that it really grounds the lush florals. Great review!

    1. I agree. The heart of this fragrance is really pretty. It’s lush florals with a hint of little mushrooms/earth. I’m still working on feeling comfortable in true florals. Obviously, my husband thinks it’s great…

  2. I laughed at “Why don’t you smell like this all the time?” I do enjoy the spring florals, it’s just that they tend not to like me – I have yet to encounter a LOTV that doesn’t go shrill on my skin.

    1. “Well, I don’t smell like this all of the time because LOTV goes shrill on my skin.” lol. But, it’s true. I love lily of the valley but it doesn’t love me.

  3. Oh, husbands! Mine gives me lots of positive reinforcement when I wear floral perfumes, so I am wearing them more often than I normally would. Woody, incensey, etc., usually gets “that smells like Pine-Sol.”

    1. Oh, you get “Pine-Sol” too? WTH? My husband can’t stand chypres, but he does like woody/incense stuff. BUT, he only likes the woody/incense stuff that smells like hippie headshops such as Nag Champa and Egyptian Musk. It’s so weird. He has “cheap” taste in fragrance.
      The floral thing, I don’t really get. He likes white florals very much but those exhaust me. However, we both agree on Carnal Flower.

      1. As a niche perfumer, comments like these are extremely valuable to me… I mean about especially about husbands’ reactions to what their wives wear and if and how they try to hit a happy compromise to please both. Hubby that likes head shop stuff, Victoria, is of an age to remember the smell of patchouli oil on everyone? That’s the classic head shop aroma.. along with bad incense like strawberry toilet bowl deodorizing crystals..
        I’m curious to know how women generally like/dislike an earthy note in a floral as described here. This one is described as having a mushroomy/soil be-note.. Would be fascinated to know how many wearers and their mates like this in a floral… So I gather this is not like, say, Amarigi by Givenchy?

        1. Victoria, this is just an edit for you for my above posting. For some reason this textbox doesn’t allow placing the cursor anywhere with a mouse, so if you find an error or want to edit something you have to backspace and erase everything back to that point and then rewrite everything that got erased. Don’t know if you know about this or can do anything about it.. all
          so the textbox expands ok by dragging the bottom right corner, but the background of the textbox doesn’t expand, you’re writing on a very strange mixture of buttons and wallpaper, etc, which is hard to read.
          I actually wrote this to ask you to fix a typo in prior post. I wrote “be-note”. I meant to write “by-note” as in a secondary side note. Thanks. By the way, I forgot to write that your review was very well done. I got a quite clear description from it. Good job! Will have to visit more often.
          Michael Storer
          Los Angeles I meant to write also not all so.. but not about to erase everything again!

          1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve had issues with that in the past. I’ll see what I can do (and try to remember what I did before when this happened).
            Hope to sniff some of your ‘fumes someday! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

        2. You can’t please everyone 🙂
          I find that “perfume people” will wear what they want to wear and usually don’t care what their SO likes. The general (non-obsessive) public wears what they think the will attract people. I’ve seen both men and women buy something at store just because the sales associate said “men love it” or “women buy this for their boyfriends all of the time”.
          I do like earthy in fragrances. I have issues with white florals. I’m learning to love them but it’s taking me some time. But, I enjoy the exploration process.
          Funny you mention Amariage. Husband likes that one too. I think he loves anything “loud”!

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