Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends + Fragrance 2013

I’m pairing women’s fall/winter 2013 fashion trends from the runway to perfumes. This season everything is chunky and clunky from over-sized overcoats to 90’s club kid heels, but who wants to smell “clunky”? Here are other popular women’s fashion trends that translate into perfume.

Navy A/W 2013


I feel like a dope saying that navy is a trend. Navy is always in. But, I do have to say that it was all over the A/W runways and I see more navy in the the stores this season. Navy is sharp. Navy is smart. Here are my navy perfumes and yes, I intentionally left out the perfume Navy because I want you to smell good!

  •  Dior Addict EDP – This classic reminds me of the boxy navy coats that are “in” this season but honestly, I think Addict, like the color navy, will always be in. Retails for $82 at Sephora.
  • Guerlain L’Heure Bleue EDP – Here’s the best “blue” fragrance. It’s a classic. Plus, it does so well in the cool weather.Retails for $118 at Neiman Marcus.
  • Hermès Hiris EDP – When I smell many iris perfumes, I do think of the color navy. Iris is such a classic note just like navy is a classic shade. Hiris is a gorgeous “sheer” iris; a good choice for places with mild winters. Retails for $144 at Hermès. 

Fall 13 Plaid Fashion


Plaid is another one of those “duh” winter trends. It seems to always show up during the Holidays. However, the 2013 version of plaid is a mix of 90’s grunge influence and raw 70’s punk (thanks to the MET’s “Chaos to Couture” exhibit this year). What I’m saying is that this year’s plaid is less heritage tartan but more alt-cult, drawing inspirations from iconic music scenes.

  • Burberry Brit EDP – I couldn’t have a plaid category without Burberry. Brit EDP is a rich almond over a tonka, vanilla amber. Actually, I just remembered that I liked this stuff. Retails for $94 at Sephora.
  • Kerosene Fields of Rubus EDP – This is a strong jammy raspberry with patchouli. It’s like punk plaid. And it does well in cool temps. Retails for $140 at MiN NY.
  • Costamor Tabacca EDP –  A sweet, amber tobacco – warm and cozy. It goes with tartan and more traditional plaid prints. Retails for $75 at Luckyscent.

Fall 13 Camo Trend


90’s nostalgia is the big thing in the fashion world right now. So, I wasn’t surprised to see camo on the runways as well as in every mall store in America. Coming from the Southeast, it’s difficult for me to separate camo from hunting. It’s not a trend for me but I love an army green. With this trend, I went more foresty and rugged with the fragrances. I  may not wear camo clothing but I’m all about some camo perfumes.

  • Slumberhouse Norne Parfum Extrait – Lichens, rot and deep forest undergrowth with incense. I think this is the perfect wilderness camo fragrance. Retails for $125 at Luckyscent.
  • Serge Lutens Cedré EDP – It’s a spicy tuberose with tons of cedar. Imagine it as a traditionally feminine frock in camo print. Retails for $150 at Beautyhabit.
  • Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods EDP – Sweet, woodsy and smoky. A cozy amber. Retails for $75 at Sonoma Scent Studio. 

Grunge Fall 13

Grunge or “Seattle Style”

Seriously people still dress like this here but they don’t like to admit it. I say, “Own it bitches because Saint Laurent and other nostalgic for the 90’s designers are selling it”. Your baby doll dress and boots will never go out of style. You’re now a classic…like a Hitchcock gal.

  • Phoenicia Skin Graft EDP – This is probably the best perfume launched in 2013. It’s an unusual but wearable gauzy jasmine with honey. It’s amazing. It’s unusual. It’s raw. It’s destined to have a cult-following.Retails for $110 at Phoenicia Perfumes. 
  • Piguet Fracas EDP – This may be an odd one for this category, but it’s on here for a reason. This is Courtney Love‘s favorite perfume. This huge tuberose really does go with the floral print dresses, matte red lips and worn out boots. Retails for $110 at Nordstrom. 
  • Sweet Anthem Rebecca EDP  – This is a fruity oud with honey by a Seattle-based perfumer that used to be a drummer in a punk band. How rad is that? Retails for $28 at Sweet Anthem. 

Fall 13 Feathers


This isn’t a practical trend for us mere mortals but I do think we’ll see it crossover around the holidays for festive looks: handbags, collars, jewelry.

  • Olivine Atelier She Belongs There EDP – This is a heady white floral over a smoky vanilla. It’s a great white floral for cool weather wear. Plus, the packaging is super cool and features an etched feather. Retails for $80 at Beautyhabit.
  • Etat Libre d’Orange Vraie Blonde EDP – This is a festive celebratory scent with tons of aldehydes bringing to mind champagne. And there is rose and peach. It’s prancing around in plumage. Retails for $80 at Luckyscent.
  • Guerlain Jicky Parfum – I’m letting the entire flapper and 1920’s get to me in this category. I’m thinking about decadence. Retails for $328 at Neiman Marcus.

Pastel Shades for Fall

Powder Puffs Shades

This sort of fits in with the trend above.Pastel and soft “cosmetic” shades are IN for winter. I like to see these powder pink and peach shades mixed with jewel tones like sapphire, ruby and emerald.

  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Drôle de Rose EDT – This is the ultimate “powder puff” fragrance to me. It’s a vintage cosmetics violet and rose. It’s fluffy! Retails for $145 at Beautyhabit. 
  • Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette EDP – This is a powdery violet. Retails for $125 at Beautyhabit.
  • Prada Candy L’eau EDT – This is like a powdery more floral version of Prada Candy. Retails for $68 at Sephora. 

Fall 13 Emerald


It shouldn’t surprise you that this Pantone™ Color of the Year is a trend for A/W. This is a shade we often associate with holidays and evergreen forests. I’m seeing this shade used a lot for A/W and I’ve noticed it’s paired with classic silhouettes like pencil skirts and classic fitted coats.

  • Ormonde Jayne Woman EDP – I’ve always envisioned this woodsy fragrance as a deep, dark emerald velvet. Retails for $126 at Ormonde Jayne. 
  • Dior Diorama EDT – Classic silhouettes are popular right now with classic fabrics such as tweed. Diorama covers that trend as well as emerald. A classic chypre. Retails for $98 at Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Tableau de Parfums by Andy Tauer Miriam EDP – This is a vintage-y perfume with aldehydes, florals and more. The texture of it is powdery but it’s thick…imagine velvet or an emerald shade of leather. Retails for $160 at Luckyscent.

Do any of these fashion trends stand out to you? Do you see yourself wearing any of the trends or just wearing the perfume version of those trends? I’m not on the hunt for a navy overcoat like that Jil Sander’s one. I think that is rather stunning, especially with a peach clutch…

Here’s my Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends + Fragrance 2012 if you would like to compare trends from a year ago to this year’s trends.

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18 thoughts on “Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends + Fragrance 2013

  1. Huh. Thank you for telling me that Skin Graft is a jasmine. I’d only heard the “hospital experience” abstract versions, and had been dying to try it, but how I despise jasmine in all its forms! That will save me a sample order.

  2. Excellent pairings and fun to read. You asked if any of the fashion trends stand out and whether we’d wear them – or just the perfume versions of the trends. My answer is that I love that navy coat, but my favorite is the Marc Jacobs ensemble you show for Emerald. Basically because I’ve always liked what I call simple elegance, and also I do love wearing emerald green and Ormonde Jayne Woman.

    1. Perfumes and fashions. I don’t care.

      I really like that look too (could live without the fur). That shade of green has grown on me. In fact, I’m obsessed with it. I’m looking a comforter in that shade, a scarf…I want more emerald in my life.

  3. I have been camo-ed out for years and my sig other thinks I am nuts…I have a pair of 3-offs of camo shoes made with some military webbing material. The other 2 owners of these shoes are sports stars so I am very elite. In paris this spring every store had men’s camo shoes and she finally had to admit my style rules. I have Norne but I do like SL’s use of cedar at times so I will check it out soon.

    1. You’re style’n and profile’n.

      Cedre is one that I rarely hear about but it’s good. I think it will be SL’s sleeper hit.

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