Wiggle Nicosia Perfume Oil Review

Wiggle Perfume Nicosia Review

Wiggle Perfumes is an indie fragrance line located in Olympia, WA. The line has a burlesque but femininst vibe. I ordered a few samples so that I could familiarize myself with this local line. Wiggle Perfumes Nicosia is a sweet and spicy fig perfume. This isn’t green or milky. This fig is all about the fruit (who wants to look into the feminist symbolism of that, huh?) Fans of Satellite Paris Á La Figue should give Nicosia a try.

At first application, this is an oil, I do get fruity fig and lots of honey. There’s a teeny dash of clove (at this stage). This reminds me of a dessert. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with fig, honey, and clove…other than boring ‘ole yogurt. With time, I pick up on the olive blossom. It’s a waxy floral with a bit of “tart” from honey. (Why does honey sometimes go “sour” on me?). Bam! I get more and more of the clove. This is a surprisingly good addition to a sweet, fruity fig composition. My experience in the past with both food and fragrance is that most “clove” or spiced figs contain dried fruits, not ripe fruit. The clove mixes well with fruity, sweet, and ripe pink fig. This scent is an oil and linear. It wears like the same on me after the first 15 minutes.

Nicosia wears nicely on me. Fig is one of my favorite notes. I typically like the milky or green, unisex aspect of figs, but this is a good fig if you are looking for fruit. The honey adds a sweetness that is different from the other milky figs in my collection. I see this as a fig that one can wear year round. The clove adds warmth for winter wear and the olive blossom makes this fresh enough for summer. If your collection lacks a fruity fig, then I suggest you add this one. My collection has ALL of the figs: milky, green, and fruity. But, with Wiggle’s price point, I think I’ll pick up a small bottle. I like the clove with a “pink” fig.

Notes listed include fig, olive blossom, clove, golden honey, and sandalwood.

Give Wiggle a try if you are looking for an inexpensive fruity fig or if you like scents like Satellite Paris Á la Figue, Fresh Fig Apricot, Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis, Napa Valley Cielo (honey with fig) and/or Costamor Sugarwood (gourmand with fig).

You can get Nicosia Perfume Oil in a 5mL that retails for $15 or the 15mL for $39. This perfume is available at Wiggle Perfume’s etsy shop.

Product picture is copyright Wiggle Perfumes.

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    1. I’m thinking she may have some things that you may like, being that you are nostalgic for “hippie” scents. I think the “store” is really cute.

    1. The other 2 that I sampled are very “head shop” but I kind of saw that one coming. I’m never good when it comes to ordering samples, I always miss out on any gems.

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