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What To Get Your Niece : A 2010 Winter Gift Guide

Oh, geez, can you believe it is already November? You know what that means. Christmas music will be pounding your eardrums. A little trip to the store to pick up paper towels will take too long for no good reason. You’ll be suffer respiratory distress because Trader Joe’s set out those cinnamon broom things. Oh, the holidays are near… Here’s my gift guide for girls and teens.  I always see fun beauty and fragrance products and wish I knew a young girl to give these items to as gifts. I still “awe” when I see Sanrio characters and those darn Harajuku Lovers bottles get me every time! I don’t have any nieces and my sisters are young adults now (but I’m sure they’d want everything in this guide). I’ve put together my favorite 10 beauty and fragrance items for girls 10 and up 🙂 You may see some things that you want for yourself! This guide contains slightly off-the-grid gifts/brands and lots of cuteness. Here’s the things I wish I had as a young perfumista:

1. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Gift Set – Forget the young ones, I may just get this for myself! This gift set contains 5 of the .33 oz adorable limited edition Wicked Style Harajuku Lovers EDTs. The fragrances are various “young” florals, mainly fruity, but the dolls/bottles are so adorable. Could you imagine how happy any gal would be to have these lined up on their dresser? Set retails for $100 and is it at Sephora.

2. Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Delights Gift Set – This niche Australian brand is offering a pink candy-floral fragrance gift set with a petite parfum, bar soap, and lip balm. This set retails for $25 and is at B-Glowing.

3. Crazy Rumors Parlor Collection Lip Balm Set – This set of vegan friendly natural lip balms contains 3 Crazy Rumors A La Mode Lip Balms in Raspberry Sherbet, Mint Chocolate, and Almond Fudge. I love the formula of Crazy Rumors and these flavors sound yummy. These are so much better than average Bonne Bell! This set retails for $12 and is available at Cherry Culture.

4. Eyeko Nail Polish Cult Classics Set – This nail polish set contains 5 fun and hip Eyeko Nail Polishes. There’s a wide variety of colors. Set includes the following: Vintage Polish (hip jade), Cosmic Polish (black with multi-glitter), Nude Polish (netural pinky-beige), Indigo Polish (shimmery dark blue), and Lilac Polish (pastel purple). I know I want this set! This limited edition set retails for $21 and is available at Eyeko.

5. Demeter Hello Kitty Cologne Set – This gift set is so adorable! This Demeter set includes 3 1 oz. cologne sprays in the Hello Kitty Collection. There’s Hello Kitty, a blend of crisp apples. My Melody is a sweet gourmand vanilla almond scent. And there’s Little Twin Stars, a dazzling citrus. This set retails for $45 (a $60 value). This is available at Demeter.

6. Cake Beauty Piece of Cake Gift Set – Cake Beauty is a deliciously sweet body care line with natural ingredients. This set contains a full-size Supreme Body Mousse and Shower Froth. The scent is It’s A Slice, a decadent blend of rich vanilla and orange. Yum, yum. This set retails for $38 and is available at Beauty Intuition.

7. Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set – I think this is such a cute gift for a young teen who is just starting to wear makeup. I remember totally overlooking brushes at that age and that’s what made eyeshadow look natural! The Tokidoki Pittura Set contains 3 cute as a button eyeshadow brushes. There is one for the crease, all over, and lining. This kit retails for $35. It is at Sephora.

8. Cherry Bomb Killer Solid Perfume in Rebel Angel – You’r the cool aunt (or uncle) so get her something cool! Cherry Bomb Killer Solid Perfume in Rebel Angel is a sweet vanilla and honey floral from a rock’n indie brand. This solid retails for $35 and is available at Indie Scents. Who knows, maybe you’ll start an indie fragrance obsession 🙂

9. Love + Toast Cherry Lemonade Lip Balm – This moisturizing lip balm comes in a cute pink bicycle printed pot. The flavor is fruity and yummy. This colorless balm retails for $9 and is availble at B-Glowing. There are more flavors to choose from.

10. Pacifica Solid Perfume Gift Box in Princess Flowers – I can only imagine the fun I would of had mixing and matching these solid scents as a young girl. This special gift box fit for any princess contains 9 Pacifica Solid Perfumes in the following scents: Lotus Garden, Egyptian Bergamot Rose, Tunisian Jasmin, Nerola Orange Blossom, French Lilac, Vanilla Vera Cruz, Tahitain Gardenia, Wikiki Pikake, and Malibu Lemon Blossom. This set retails for $75 ($81 value) and is available at Pacifica Perfumes.

Have you started holiday shopping yet? Do you have any suggestions of fun beauty and fragrance products for daughters and nieces?

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13 thoughts on “What To Get Your Niece : A 2010 Winter Gift Guide

  1. Those Harajuku perfumes are so cute! I also like the Crazy Rumors lip balms. They would make a cute, little gift.

  2. Perfect, I have a 10 year old niece. She would love the vegan lipglosses. I kind of wanted to get her a real perfume, but I’m nervous about what to choose. Should I play it safe with a light orange blossom or violet? I was wearing Chloe at her age, and that’s a big tuberose as I recall.

    1. I wish I had a 10 yr old girl to buy for 🙂 The lip glosses are adorable.
      I was wearing heavy tuberose at 10 too, a mini bottle of Joy! I also wore the original White Linen, it was my sporty scent!
      I like DSH Perfumes d’Anjou as a “starter” perfume. I’ve wrote a review of it in the past. I also like Mistral Lychee Rose for that age group, it borders on sophisticated but young enough. Annick Goutal Tubereuse would be very pretty and not the usual “play it safe” fragrance. Choosing a 1st, real fragrance is quite intimidating!

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