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Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Review in Sunset Peach

Wet n Wild Sunset Peach Lipstick review

Weekly Cheap Secret:

I remember Wet n Wild Lipsticks back in the day. They weren’t creamy and they smelled like baby powder. Wet n Wild has really improved their formula in all departments so I decided to give their lipstick another try. And it retails for under $1. So, I don’t have much to lose. I picked up a few shades and here’s my review and swatches of Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in 516C Sunset Peach.

Wet n Wild Sunset Peach Lipstick Swatch

The Color Sunset Peach – This color is a medium peach with tons of gold and silver pearl. It wears very frosty. Some people think of the 80’s when they see a shade like this. I picked up this shade because it seemed very 1950’s to me. Frosty peaches were very popular for lips and tips then. This lipstick has a moist finish shine too. I like the color and finish. It’s a really nice peach lipstick for light complexions. Gives me a nice “peaches n cream” look.

The Formula: Wow. Has this product changed. The formula applies very smoothly. It provides good coverage and is buildable. There is a faint smell, but it isn’t baby powder! It’s a faint canned fruit cocktail in heavy syrup. I don’t love the smell but it is so light that it doesn’t bother me. The formula isn’t long lasting but it lasts longer than most glosses. But, it doesn’t dry out my lips either. I despise drying lipsticks.

The Packaging: The packaging is ugly, but what does one expect for $1. I like that I can see the color in the packaging. My complaint is that the top has fallen off in my makeup bag before.

Wet n Wild Sunset Peach Lipstick

I’m happy with this lipstick purchase. I paid 69¢ for this lipstick. One can’t beat that. More information about this product at Wet n Wild.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pics are mine.


4 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Review in Sunset Peach

  1. I like the WnW long last lipsticks. I think they are about $3. They are matte which I prefer sometimes. And if I want shine, I just add some clear gloss over the top (I use OCC Lip Tar in clear, but Mac clear gloss works, too.) They are cheap enough that if I forget them at work, I don’t sweat it. They are very pigmented and last through lunch, which is good.

    1. I have about 5 of those 😉 I must exfoliate my lips before using them since they are matte. I really love the reds and the super pale mod nudes aren’t bad. I bought the really dark purple one and I can’t get it to apply evenly at all, but I’m not judging the entire line on that 1 shade. Overall, I’m very happy with Wet n Wild cosmetics. Like you said, if you lose them, no sweat.

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