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Wet n Wild Color Icon Holiday 2010 Eye Kit Palettes Review

Wet n Wild Color Icon Holiday Kits

I’m so delighted that I got my hands on all 4 of the limited edition Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Kits! I’ve been lusting over them since I first saw them mentioned on Nouveau Cheap. Since then, I’ve  been on the hunt for the Wet n Wild Pixie Holiday Collection. I drove to 3 Walgreens before I found them (about 3 weeks ago). These limited edition kits are awesome! Each kit contains an eyeshadow palette with 6 eyeshadows and a mini eyeliner pencil. Here’s my review, swatches, and look with the palettes:

Snow Sprite – This is the blue and green palette. I’m starting with the top row and working down. There’s a frosty sage, icy silver grey blue shimmer, super shimmery lime, slightly darker silver grey shimmer (my favorite in the palette), deep forest green with a hint of blue shimmer, and a darkest navy with tons of colbalt blue shimmers. The eyeliner is Silver, a shimmery silver. In my look I used most of the colors in the palette. I found all of the colors easy to work with, packed with lots of pigment. Check out that dark blue!

Wet N Wild Snow Sprite Swatches

Sugar Plum Fairy – This is the purple and plum palette. There’s a light white with pink undertones and pink shimmer, dusty light mauve with silver sparkles, dusty light lilac with rose shimmer, dusty medium plum with bronze shimmer, deep purple with pink shimmer, and a blackened plum with magenta shimmer (my favorite in the palette). The eyeliner is Purple, a royal purple shimmer. I used most of the colors in the palette. Most of the colors are pigmented, had some issues with the 2 lighter shades. I feared that this palette was too “red” for me, but I think it works as long as I’m well rested! However, I think green eyes could rock this palette.

Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy Swatches

Golden Goddess – This is the gold and bronze palette. There’s a white gold shimmer, light orange-ish bronze shimmer, medium gold shimmer, super shimmery dirtied medium gold, medium bronze shimmer, and a rich, dark brown with tons of gold shimmer (my favorite in the palette). The eyeliner is Copper, a shimmery dark brown with gold shimmer. I think this kit should of been named something with “copper” or “bronze” since most of the shades have lots of orange in them. I used most of the colors in the palette and I really like that eye liner pencil. This palette makes blue eyes pop!

Wet n Wild Golden Goddess Swatches

Night Elf – This is the palette that I think most people couldn’t wait to get their hands on. There’s a warm snowy beige shimmer, pure platinum shimmer, dusty medium sand taupe  shimmer (my favorite in the palette), cherry red with faint cherry shimmer, warm reddish brown with jade shimmer, and a black with silver glitter. The eyeliner is Black, a smoky black with subtle silver sparkles. I’m a bit bummed that the pic of my look didn’t come out better. It is much prettier than this picture presents (no sunshine here in the PNW). I didn’t know I could wear cherry eyeshadow without looking like I was ill!

Wet N Wild Night Elf Swatches

Dupes, Dupes, & More Dupes – I’m seeing so many dupes in these palettes! These are just the few that I noticed. I know that other beauty bloggers have posted their dupes. I have none of teh Sugar Plum Fairy because I really lack plums in my shadow collection. The first swatches are the more expensive shadows, the second are the ones in the WnW Palettes which are about 71¢ each!

Wet n Wild Holiday Color Icon dupes

1. Lancôme Color Design in The New Black compared to the shimmery black in Night Elf. Identical on my complexion. In fact, I like the WnW better! It applies much more evenly.

2. MAC Pigment in Blue Brown compared to the shade in Night Elf. This shade also reminds me of Urban Decay in Lounge. Once again I like the WnW better. I’ve had hella creasing with this MAC Pigment.

3. Lancôme Color Design in Pose compared to the shade in Golden Goddess. Identical!

4. Urban Decay in Acid Rain compared to green in Snow Sprite. Identical!

5. Lancôme Color Design in Strut compared to the dark green in Snow Sprite. These are a little off but I can get them to look the same if I keep layering the Lancôme. Once again, I like the WnW better because it has much more pigment.

My overall verdict is that I’m glad that I spent $20 on all of these palettes. Even if I already have colors like them, I don’t care. The formula is great. No need for primer! These 4 palettes have really expanded my eye shadow collection. And all 4 really mix well together. Some of my favorites together include Night Elf with Snow Sprite and Sugar Plum Fairy with Golden Goddess. I’m glad I searched for these. However, I do like the permanent Wet n Wild Color Icon Palettes better because they feature half shimmer shades and half mattes. I love mattes and to no surprise the Holiday kits only have shimmers. Shimmer equates to celebration in the cosmetic world.

These can be purchased at most drugstores. Here’s my advice, ask  where they are. Drugstores for some reason are hiding these babies in the strangest places. I found my 4 at the end of the diaper aisle! I almost left the store because I didn’t see them in cosmetics. I asked the super sweet, knowledgeable sales associate and she walked me about 4 aisles over and showed me all of these gift sets. How strange! These limited edition holiday kits retail for about $5.

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13 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Color Icon Holiday 2010 Eye Kit Palettes Review

  1. WOW! I love all your looks but I think my favorite is with the Night Elf palette! It looks great! 😀

    And a HUGE thank you for linking back to my post! You’re aweseome! 😀

    1. That Night Elf palette is awesome! It’s my favorite from all 4. Those colors really expand my eyeshadow collection. I love all of the shades.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I really don’t wear enough of them because I felt that those shades really don’t do anything for my blue eyes. However, I realize now that is silly. Those colors compliment. I’m loving silver, especially with a red lip!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Makeup Withdrawal’s look. It’s beautiful! I feel totally inspired now 🙂
      Surprisingly, I’m loving the little Silver eyeliner that came with Snow Sprite. It looks pretty when paired with simple black eyeliner. It’s quick and unexpected but still acceptable for “work” wear.

  2. I want these so badly! They are beautiful! Love the Snow Sprite look BTW. I can’t find any of these anywhere! Whaahhh!

    1. I hope you find them! They are great!
      It wasn’t easy for me to find them. I stopped at many places before finding them. When I did finally come across them, I felt like I was robbing the place. I don’t think they realize what they had!

    1. I had to search and search for these. But, I found them! I’m telling you, they were hiding these at the Walgreens I found them at!

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