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Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Review in Blue

Wet n Wild Compact=

Blue Week : 4. 10 – 4. 17

I finally got my hands on all three of the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collections. These eyeshadow palettes contain 8 eyeshadows (2 browbone shades, 2 crease shades, 2 eyelid shades, and 2 definer shades). Here’s my review and swatches of 737 Blue Had Me At Hello, a blue eyeshadow palette.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Collection Blue
Swatches, no flash

1 – white shimmer – It’s much more powdery in comparison to the other shades in this palette, or WnW shadow in general. It’s OK, but I find that I need a primer with it. I would of rather had a matte white in this collection.

2 – pale icy blue pearl shimmer – This is is a good color. It looks good under the brow bone when used with the darker blues in this palette.

3 – shimmery silver – This is a metallic silver, simple as that.

4 – beautiful teal with gold shimmer – The gold shimmer in this shade make it worth having. It’s a bold teal, really the “star” of this palette in my opinion. I like this one so much better than similar MAC shades that I have.

5- navy shimmer in an inky blue base – This is a really cool color. I find it odd that it is marked as lid color when it is just as dark as the definer shades, but whatever. I’m happy it is is in the compact. It’s a beautiful eyeliner shade.

6 – deep sapphire blue shimmer – Here’s another color that works well as a liner. I love a shimmery jewel tone.

7 –  matte black – I love it. It’s wonderful for creating retro 1960’s Ursula Andress type eye makeup looks. It’s also a wonderful brow powder for those that want a dramatic black brow.

8 –  black with silver glitter – It seems like this shadow is in 75% of WnW palettes! I rarely use such a color but many people love it. It’s a dupe of Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow in The New Black.

Below is a dramatic look using this palette. I am only using this palette (no primer), mascara, and faux lashes. I used the teal (#4) from lash line to crease. I used the blackened blue (#5) in the crease and as a liner. I blended a bit of the light blue (#2) under the brow and halfway lining the bottom lash line. This palette is very versatile you can search on-line and see all of the cool things that people are doing with it.

Wet n Wild Blue Collection Look

If you want a blue eyeshadow palette, pick this one up. All of the shades are pigmented and blend easily. Wet n Wild is my favorite eyeshadow formula. They’ve beat out high end brands in my book. I don’t wear colors like this much anymore. Where was this palette when I was 20?! I love these shades but I feel they look much better on those with brown eyes, especially those with medium to dark complexions and brown eyes. These blues overpower my eye color but I will still wear this palette 🙂

These Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collections are a deal at under $5. That teal alone is worth that! Check out Wet n Wild’s website for more info.

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13 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Review in Blue

    1. I’m so addicted to this palettes. I know that I’m getting many overlapping colors, but I don’t care. They are so cheap and good that I don’t feel bad about it.

        1. I love Wet n Wild eyeshadow. So much better than more expensive stuff that I have purchased. But, honestly, all I ever wear is neutral shadow, but I can’t resist the price of these! I can’t stop collecting all the WnW shadows!

  1. Looks amazing on you, and expensive. I would never know it was Wet and Wild. I’ve found that a lot of inexpensive eye shadow palettes can be fantastic (I like Maybelline) but the packaging is what kills me every time. All I have to do is look at it wrong and the container breaks and I can’t carry it anywhere and have to throw it away. 👿

    1. You are right about the packaging. The packaging to these Wet n Wilds are much like Maybelline. If you drop it or haul it around, it’s little cosmetic life is over. I’m trying to figure out what to do about that.
      I think these colors look much more expensive, reminding me of MAC and Lancome shadows that I have owned or own.

  2. I have this palette. It is awesome! I can’t urge people enough to go out and buy it. These shadows are better than $25 (single) shadows that I own!

  3. This looks like a really amazing palette. I’m going to go pick one up! I have the purple one but all of the colors don’t work for me. But, it isn’t a big deal because these are so cheap.

    1. That’s how I look at it. If I only like 4 shadows, then those are only $1 each, much cheaper and better than other stuff I can buy at the drugstore!

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