Kiehl’s Forest Rain EDT Perfume Review

Could any fragrance describe the Pacific Northwest better than Kiehl’s Forest Rain? I mean just the name is so Northwestern, crisp evergreen forests and lots and lots of rain.

I love this fragrance. It’s woodsy, fresh and floral. It reminds me of a walk through a damp, spring forest. It is woodsy and spicy in an evergreen/cedarwood and sandalwood way. It has dirty hints of patchouli.  The most original aspect of the fragrance is its aquatic and wild floral hints of muguet. So many wild lilies grow in the forests in Washington. I was so shocked in mid-spring. This has been my first PNW spring. After months of being locked inside to keep out of the rain, I went out. It was still chilly and damp in the forests. Oakmoss was made “fresh” by the rain, but there was a different odor. It was all of these wild lilies popping up everywhere. They have that certain wild muguet/ lily of the valley odor. It is sweet, floral but really muddy and dirty smelling because they are so close to the forest floor, near oak moss and decaying fir needles. This scent completely describes the forest floor in spring. It is warm and woody and cool and floral. I was shocked when I smelled this fragrance after a romp through the woods. They are similar.

UPDATE: Product has been discontinued 🙁

Does anybody know what these are? They are everywhere and have such a lovely scent?
Does anybody know what these are? They are everywhere and have such a lovely scent?

Product picture is from Nordstrom. Flower picture is EauMG’s.

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    1. One of mine too. I always forget about it these days. My husband went through a phase and wore it frequently, so I didn’t wear it. I’m totally craving it right now.

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