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Weekly World Fumes – September 27th,2012

Lady Gaga Fame perfume

Celeb Gossip:

Remember that censorship deal with Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! perfume? Dakota Fanning goes on record saying that it was ridiculous. And that she was not corrupting youth.

Lady Gaga’s perfume, Fame, sold 6 million bottles in one week.

Etro Greene Street

New Launches:

Smell Bent has launched a new collection of perfumes inspired by the disco called Sunset People. This collection contains 5 perfumes.

Etro will be launching a new men’s fragrance, Greene Street, inspired by Soho.It will include notes of basil, nutmeg, pink pepper, incense, resins, violet, geranium, talcum, musk, labdanum, and ambergris. It will be available in October.

Bath & Body Works has launched Cashmere Glow. It has notes of bergamot, guava, berries, apricot, muguet, mimosa, peony, jasmine, dulce de leche, and sandalwood. Sounds like all of the B&BW fragrances all at once.

Fragrance Foundation logo

Perfume News:

Elizabeth Musmanno has been named the president of the Fragrance Foundation. She will continue to oversee the operations of her luxury marketing communications firm, The Musmanno Group. (via press release)

Northwest Chocolate Festival

EauMG Etc.:

Not too much going on. Last weekend I went mushroom hunting. I found nothing.

This weekend there’s a chocolate festival. I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s chocolate, can’t be bad, right?

-This is Victoria signing off, thanks for watching Weekly World Fumes.

*Fame ad from Telegraph UK. Etro pic from NST. Fragrance Foundation logo from Chocolate Festival logo from


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    1. They’re buying it because of the Mama Gaga. It could smell like anything and sell like hotcakes. The smell is not important šŸ˜‰
      I agree. It’s a crowd pleaser that isn’t “noir” at all!

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