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Weekly World Fumes – May 17th, 2012

Here’s the May 17th edition of Weekly World Fumes. Have any breaking tips? Leave them in the comments!

Justin Bieber Someday
lesbians feel guilty for finding him attractive

Celeb Gossip:

Can you belieb it? Justin Bieber’s Someday perfume will receive the Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award at the 40th Annual FiFis.

J.Lo Glowing will be available. It’ includes bergamot, mandarin, cassia flower, cashmere musk, and vanilla. It’s “earthy clean”. Also, J.Lo Glow is 10 years old now. Wow.

Bond No. 9 I Love New York Marriage Equality

New Launches:

In July Bond No. 9 will launch I Love New York Marriage Equality perfume. Notes include mandarin, nutmeg, plum, cinnamon, rose, jasmine, ginger, lily, cashmere wood, sandalwood, and amber. I sniffed this one in Jan. and it was the only one of their 2012 launches that I liked. They seriously have like 15 launches planned this year.

Space NK has an exclusive scent, In Peace. Notes listed include pimento, freesia, French iris, mimosa, seude, white musk, sandalwood, and tonka bean. 10% of net profits goes to Women for Women International, a non-profit that supports women survivors of war. It retails for $75.

Hair line, Serge Normant, will launch Avah. It has notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, amber, soft woods and musks. It only retails for $60. I use the shampoo and conditioners and love their scent so I have hope for this personal fragrance.

In time for Father’s Day, Yankee Candles has launched Man Candles. It’s a line of candles marketed to the type of dopey father character we see on American sitcoms. Scents include Riding Mower, 2 x 4, First Down (um), and Man Town (named after your favorite gay bar).

Fragrance News:

I find this odd, I guess because I’m ready for anti-social media. Benjamin Redford invented a device, Olly, that sprays a scent anytime your name/brand/etc. is mentioned on various social media sites. It “rewards” your for your online social interactions. He wanted to allow more than audio and visual.

The FiFi Awards are on Monday. To celebrite they are giving away product with #JaneSmells a twitter campaign. Here are the rules.

Frink and Moxi
My children.

EauMG Etc.:

I’ve had a good week. The weather has been absolutely perfect.

Next week, I’m heading to LA. So, this week, I’ve been planning for that. I’ve had to find the smooshed face babies a kennel. They’ll be going to a doggy bed and breakfast where the 2 of them will be sharing a suite in a Victorian home. I’m guaranteed that they’ll be spoiled so much that they’ll wish that I die in a tragic plane crash. And I had to lie about Frink’s weight. They only accept doggies 25 pounds and under. He’s a tub of lard at 27 pounds but he loves his curves.

*Bieber Bond No. 9 pic from Fragrantica. My children pic belongs to me.

6 thoughts on “Weekly World Fumes – May 17th, 2012

  1. I always that Justin was a Canadian lesbian.

    I agree with you about Marriage Equality Bond – my fave from the 35 they had on display,I also love being coopted 🙂

    1. I would see Justin on the magazines and think “I’m so proud that a teenage/young adult lesbian is on the cover of a magazine for young people.” And then I realized he was a boy, so joke is on me!
      Was it 35? I think it was 35. And don’t get me started on the co-opted. I have a feeling that those militant lesbian groups that throw bricks through American Apparels will be doing that to Bond No. 9 now too.

  2. Man Candles! That’s something you don’t hear about every… pretty much never. 😀

    First Down … “I hope it smells like bean dip.” Hee!

    Man Town certainly does sound the most, umm, interesting. Actually it probably would be the one I’d like best.

    1. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind if my home smelled of bean dip.
      I guess what irritates me about this is that there are plenty of people (male and female) that like the smell of sawdust and freshly mown grass. There are also female football fans.
      I’ve since found out that Man Town is like a man cave.

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