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Weekly World Fumes: March 28th, 2013

Weekly World Fumes: March 28th, 2013

Celeb Gossip:

It’s an Easter weekend miracle, I don’t have any celeb gossip!!!

Yves Rocher Neroli

New Launches:

Indie perfume line, D.S. & Durga, has paired up with the color-blocking abusing clothing retailer, J.Crew, to launch Homesteader’s Cologne. Homesteaders are the last thing I think about when I think of J.Crew. And it’s inspired by Big Sur containing notes of eucalyptus, sage brush and kelp.

In May, Van Cleef & Arpels will launch Rêve, a feminine fruity-floral with osmanthus, pear and peony.

Yves Rocher will be launching Neroli, an affordable perfume with neroli, orange blossom and musk.

Yves Saint Laurent will be launching the flanker, L’Homme Libre Cologne Tonic. This one promises “more freedom” than the original with notes of lemon, basil, violet, aquatic notes and musk. You know the original was just too darn restrictive.

Montale is launching Aoud Greedy with notes of lemon, licorice, amber, patchouli and white musk. Strangely enough, oud is not a listed note. They’re being greedy. AND they’ll be launching Intense Cafe with notes of coffee, rose, amber, vanilla and white musk. 


Perfume News: 

Essie (the nail polish brand) has partnered up with Ralph Lauren and will be launching nail polishes to correspond the Big Pony perfume bottles. This is a limited edition set and will retail for $45. 

Elements Showcase, a premier indie tradeshow, has partnered with Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai. The show takes place May 28th-30th.

Frink the Frug
Frink the Frug on the rug

EauMG Etc.:

It’s been a pretty low key week for me. The weather has been freakishly nice here with temps in the 60’s, clear skies and not too many showers. This weekend is supposed to be perfect; I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

I got a haircut, obviously. I also got a beautiful rug delivered this week that is lavender and cream. I have never decorated with lavender in my life and I’m rather glad that I am now. Next I’m on the hunt for yellow chairs. But, I think I may give up that hunt since yellow chairs aren’t easy to find. I’m thinking gray fabric and painting the legs a 60’s-ish gold/green. The yellow will be brought in with yellow throw pillows on the sofa. I’ll stop talking about home decor even though I want to keep talking about it.

My sister is a week past her due date. She still hasn’t picked out a name or even a trio of names to choose from. She doesn’t like my suggestions of “Mario Lopez” or “Ernest Goeztucamp”. I think they’re better than “Walking through a desert with a baby with no name”.

Have a wonderful weekend! And to those that celebrate Easter, have a great one! Please eat deviled eggs for me.

Victoria signing off, smell ya later!

*Yves Rocher pic from NST, Essie/Ralph Lauren from StageStores.

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    1. Isn’t it awful?! I guess it has to do with their polo shirts that use a “big pony” logo. Yes, I had to look this up because I was like please tell me that a name this stupid has a meaning.

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