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Weekly World Fumes – June 7th, 2012 Edition

Good evening. Here’s the June 7th version of Weekly World Fumes. Have any fragrance news or tips? Leave in the comments below!

Milla Jovovich Avon ad campaign

Celeb Gossip: 

Milla Jovovich will be the face of a new fragrance for Avon. The name of this fragrance is City Rush for Her. Is this is a Jackie Chan movie or a fragrance?

There’s some crap going around about Kim Kardashian‘s new “mysterious” fragrance. I wasn’t going to cover it but I did find her quote interesting. She says, “I wanted a scent that’s mysterious. I really like white florals so I included those along with chocolate and plum. It smells so unique. It’s definitely the most different from my previous fragrances. My others are really heavy. I think this one is richer. It feels sultry.” I find her choice of words – heavy and richer – interesting.

Paper Passion perfume

New Launches:

Geza Schoen is the perfumer by a new book inspired perfume called Paper Passion. Love, love the packaging.

Sonoma Scent Studio has launched Forest Walk with notes of sandalwood, oak, fir, hemlock, cedar, moss, jasmine, violet, amber and benzoin. I’ve tried it. It’s good.

Juliette Has a Gun Romantica is now available in the U.S. It has notes of musk, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla and patchouli. I’m imagining something that smells like a creamsicle.

In July, L’Artisan Parfumeur will launch Séville à l’Aube. This is the fragrance designed by Denyse Beaulieu of Grain de Musc and you can read all about it in her book, The Perfume Lover. It has notes of petitgrain, petitgrain citronnier, orange blossom, beeswax, incense, Luisieri lavender and benzoin. Perfumer is Bertrand Douchaufour.

The Untitled Series

Fragrance News: 

Chandler Burr has collaborated with OpenSky for the Untitled Program that is meant to eliminate fragrance marketing and to focus on the fragrance. It’s naked perfume. It’s a cool idea and more info is here. FYI – All of the bottles sold out in 4 days.

EauMG Etc.: 

I’m getting used to being back. It’s classic Juneuary in Seattle and I hate it. I hate weather in the 50’s during June. Rain and rain. Can’t stand it. OK, enough of my complaining.

*Milla ad from Now Smell This. Paper Passion pic from Death & Taxes. Untitled perfume from OpenSky’s blog.


8 thoughts on “Weekly World Fumes – June 7th, 2012 Edition

  1. I too, love the packaging of Paper Passion. But I’m having a hard time conceiving of the paperback book smell rendered as a perfume. Hmmm.

  2. Hi Victoria,

    thanks for yet another entertaining newscast! And my commiserations about the weather: same deal here in the UK…I’m wearing Eau Noire today, for goodness sake! ^_^

    1. I’m sure I’d be complaining if it was 90 degrees too 🙂 But, seriously, I’m ready to wear some different perfumes. I’m still wearing my fall perfumes!

    1. If I don’t get them into doggy boot camp soon, they’ll be doing inhalants, dropping out of school or even worse…end up listening to dubstep.

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