Weekly World Fumes – August 30th, 2012

Here’s the August 30th, 2012 edition of Weekly World Fumes. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!
Nicole Richie perfume

Celeb Gossip:

Nicole Richie’s fragrance, Nicole, is now in stores. It is inspired by Southern ladies from Alabama.

And can I just say that I am sooo sick of the media saying that Lady Gaga’s Fame smells like blood and semen! Stop it!

Ulrich Violet Lightscape perfume

New Launches:

Oscar de la Renta will launch 6 fragrances by perfumer Calice Becker that will be exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Ulrich Lang has launched Lightscape with notes of galbanum, lemon, violet leaves, iris, rose, violet flowers, cyclamen, cedar, ambergris, tonka bean, cashmere wood, musk and ambrette. I sniffed it at Elements. It’s a “modern” violet.

Frapin will launch Speakeasy in October. It contains notes of rum, davana, Italian orange, Brazilian lime, mint, geranium,  leather accord, ciste, labdanum, styrax, tobacco, immortelle, tonka bean and white musk. And the immortelle killed it for me.

Perfume News:

Mugler Angel is the most “popular” perfume among perfume reviewers.

And I’m sure you’ve all heard abotu that little boy in the UK that found a pound of ambergris worth about $63,000. Some 8 year olds have all of the luck!


EauMG Etc.:

It’s been a busy week for me. Nothing fun to talk about. Last weekend I cleaned up the house for a broker’s caravan. And this weekend my husband is out of town visiting his family in Ohio. So, it’s me and the frugs wearing Mitsouko, eating pickled beets and watching Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives.

-Victoria signing off

*Nicole Richie perfume from eonline. Ulrich Lang Lightscape from Now Smell This. Ambergris from Ripley’s.

8 thoughts on “Weekly World Fumes – August 30th, 2012

    1. For some reason he hasn’t volunteered to watch it. I mean it seems like something he’d like since he like b films and films like Girls Will be Girls. And he was not a fan of the show. He watched a few episodes with me because that’s how much he loves me…

    1. I don’t know what is going on in that pic. She has House of Harlow so the bottle is supposed to be “art deco”. (have no idea what her SoCal boho brand has to do with art deco, but whatever). I’ve read that many of her fans are mad at how much she is photoshopped in the ad saying that she is trying to look like a kid.

  1. Speakeasy does sound good until you get to Immortelle, as that note also has a tendency to make me want to hurl,too. Although you never know … I do remember liking Chypre Rouge, which is all about Immortelle.

    Hope your pickled-beets-Mitsouko-and-Ticked-Off-Trannies-with-Knives weekend went well! It certainly sounds enjoyable. 😀

    1. That one masculine Divine Parfums has immortelle and I like it. So, it’s possible that immortelle could make one hurl but also be enjoyable…like a night of drinking too much.

      I’ve ate more pickled beets than I dare to admit to eating. Mitsouko is gorgeous. And even the frugs are interested it. I hope they like the oakmoss and not the decaying weird “garbage juice” factor that it’s in it 😉 And hub’s is really missing out on lots of things. He would have really enjoyed that movie more than I did. Tonight’s movie: Valley of the Dolls.

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