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Weekly World Fumes – April 26th 2012

Here’s another week of Weekly World Fumes! Have any breaking fragrance news or tips? Keep us updated in the comments section.

Celeb Gossip:

Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition is now available in stores. It’s a limited edition “fresher” version of the original Pulse. It contains notes of pear, mandarin, pink pepper, florals, sapphire woods, musk and benzoin.

Scent of Departure

New Launches:

You have no idea how excited I am by The Scent of Departure Collection by French badass Gerald Ghislain. I saw these at Elements Showcase. They are awesome but get this, they retail for $45 for 1.7 oz!

Dior will be launching Escale a Parati in June. It’s inspired by Brazil with notes of citrus, spearmint, cinnamon, floral notes, maté, and more.

Chanel will launch Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême which has similiar notes to Allure Homme Sport but with an addition of mandarin, cypress, and sage.

Blumarine, a line I have never tried, will be launching Innamorata in April (in Europe). The perfumers are Sophie Labbe and Olivier Polge. The scent sounds like a girly citrus floral.

Animal Planet logo

Fragrance News:

OMG! Animal Planet wants to make a reality show about exotic perfumes!!! Cute little Erwin declined. Mandy Aftel was approached. Hello, Animal Planet, call me.

The 2nd Middle Eastern Fragrance Summit will be held in Dubai on May 27th and 28th. More info here.

Tru Fragrance announces that Mandarin will be the hip note for summer just like mandarin (orange)  will be the hot color for summer.

Use code “SPRING12” on DSH Perfumes website and get 15% off all orders until the 30th of this month.

EauMG Etc.:

This week I messed up my ankle and I’ve been sick. It has not been a great week for me as far as health is concerned. As of today, I can’t smell anything 🙁

Next week is my birthday AND it’s EauMG’s 4th birthday. There will be giveaways so check it out!

*Scent of Departure Collection from Fragrantica. Animal Planet logo from


10 thoughts on “Weekly World Fumes – April 26th 2012

  1. Animal Planet *should* call you, Victoria — you’d be fabulous for a reality show about exotic perfumes!

    I know it’s only your second one, but I’m loving these Weekly World Fumes videos. I’m sorry you sprained your ankle in front of the high school … glad you kept your dignity and didn’t let those bambinos steal your purse and video tape the whole thing to put it on YouTube! 😀

    1. I really hope they call somebody. I’d be interested in watching it.

      Those rotten kids! We have a retired neighbor that spends at least 10 hours a day watching Fox News. We’ll get a new lawn ornament and the first thing he says, “Why did you do that? We have teenagers that walk through this neighborhood! They’ll bust out our car windows with that thing!”. All conversations end with teenagers ruining our lives, lol.

  2. This is where I sheepishly admit that I heard briefly about the Scents of Departure line, kind of rolled my eyes (airports? really?) and dismissed it. TOTALLY missed that the perfumer was Geral Ghislain, and that amazing price point. Crap, here come the lemmings.

    1. What? You don’t find airports glamorous? lol. I can’t stand airports but the line is cute.
      I admit that I was a little until I figured out the brains behind it AND the price. It’s good “intro niche”.

  3. Sorry about your ankle and bad flu. When it rains, right. My birthday is May 4th, so Happy Birthday to you, too. Love your blog.

    1. I hope my summer will be worry free…get it all out of the way.
      My birthday is May 4th too! Happy birthday to us!

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