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Weekly World Fumes – April 19th 2012

Welcome to the first ever Weekly World Fumes! This is your weekly update for fragrance news, celeb gossip, new launches and anything else I feel like talking about. This is the beta version, hope to improve soon. Enjoy!

Madonna Truth or Dare perfume

Celeb Gossip:

Selena Gomez reveals the bottle of her new fragrance. I like it in a Salvador Dali interprets a perfume bottle designed for a 18 year old pop star.

Madonna is high on perfume stardom and announces that she will be launching a men’s fragrance that will be woodsy, ambery, musky and like whiskey. Yes, please, I want that.

Nicki Minaj announces that she will be launching a perfume this fall. The name is unknown. The bottle is unknown. And the notes, why bother?

Whatever happened to that Lady Gaga perfume? I haven’t heard about it in like forever.

Denise Richards…you haven’t heard that name in a long time, right? She will be launching a beachy fragrance. And it’s rumored that she wears Child.

Jennifer Love Hewitt says her signature fragrance is McCormick’s vanilla extract that one uses for cooking. Men love it, blah, blah. It’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, of course, men love it. They love her. Even my husband crushes on her.

Flirt Kittenesque Perfume

New Launches:

Smell Bent launches Liberty For All. 50% of the proceeds will go to Liberty Wildlife Fund. It has notes of orange blossom, bergamot, ozone, tonka bean, hay + more.

Amouage Beloved Woman will be launched. Go here for more details.

Flirt! Kittenesque is available at Kohl’s. It has notes of orange blossom, raspberry, and vanilla.

Bath and Body Works has Wild Berry Tulips. I hate that name. It has notes of honeysuckle, raspberry and tulip (which doesn’t have a smell in “real” life.

Victoria’s Secret launches another fruity-floral, Love is Heavenly.

NEST Fragrances will have their Beach candle available soon. I’m in love with the packaging.

Kerosene Whip and Roses perfume

Fragrance News: 

There’s a fragrance inspired by new Mac books and the media is loving it.

Kerosene Whip and Roses will be available at MiN NY. It’s a rose and leather scent. Whip it good.

Luckyscent has some new stuff. Go check it out.

People are talking about Madonna’s Truth or Dare (haven’t tried it yet) and By Kilian Asian Tales (yawn).

EauMG Etc.:

I’m busy with a few new projects this week. I’m always getting myself into something. I’ve been reading Denyse’s of Grain de Musc, The Perfume Lover. I’m hooked. I absolutely love it. I’ve been flirting with fragrance as usual. No new cravings. And strangely, I’ve been wearing more eye makeup and more nude lipstick. What’s happening to me?

And next week on EauMG, it’s Naturals Week. Check it out!

Signing off – Victoria

If you have any breaking fragrance tips or news, please leave a comment!

*Madonna Truth or Dare from Fragrantica. Kittenesque pic from Kohl’s. Kerosene pic from MiN NY.


17 thoughts on “Weekly World Fumes – April 19th 2012

    1. Please let us know if it is good/your thoughts. I love the concept too and I want a badass rose and leather that isn’t too masculine or sheer like Kelly Caleche.

        1. Forgot to add, most of my scents are on the feminine end of the spectrum. I find this one to be extreemly unisex (although I do sometimes get hungry for even more rose and layer on SSS Velvet Rose, just one tiny squirt).

  1. Excellent broadcast, Victoria. You kept it fun and engaging.

    Also, I love your longer hair. You always look gorgeous, but that long hair really is silky and sexy on you!

    1. Thank you Suzanne!

      You think so? It’s driving me slightly crazy. This is the longest it has been in 4 years. I’m trying to get used to it. I like it but I feel like it gets in the way, lol. But, I do like it, something different.

      1. I think you are at your best when something is flummoxing you.. if you are a little bit preturbed then your reactions and emotions really come out. The hair is perfect for that because it is keeping you on your toes. It also looks hot on you and fits your modern vintage vibe.

        1. Except for when I’m hungry, then I’m a bitch. 😉

          Thank you for the compliment. It’s the longest it has been in years.

    1. A kind Youtuber informed me that she was married to Charlie Sheen…that poor lady.
      What about that Lady Gaga perfume?! Wasn’t it supposed to be out by now? I thought it was supposed to be out before the Madonna perfume!

      1. Wasn’t she in Wild Things w/ that girl from Scream and Party of Five?

        I’m hoping the Gaga perfume comes out around the same time as Nicki Minaj fragrance does. So much brightly colored makeup and fake hair in that cat fight! BTW – I’m enjoying the weekly WWF videos!
        Kathleen recently posted..Scenting Glee: Part 3

        1. Probably. I can’t remember but I do remember her face from the tabloids!

          That could be awesome. At I like to think of it as a battle between Jem and the Misfits.

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