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Weekly Cheap Secret: Suave Conditioner as a Shaving Lotion

Suave Coconut Conditioner

Weekly Cheap Secret:

When I first got Frink the Frug, I was unhappy with all of the dog shampoos that I tried. He still had a not so adorable puppy odor and got flaky. Desperate and tired of buying $10+ pup shampoo, I bought a bottle of Suave Naturals Conditioner in Tropical Coconut. My plan was to use this on his coat as a conditioner, my own testing on animals. Guess what? Frink didn’t stink so much but he still got flaky. I didn’t use this anymore on him. We have found something that works for him and now he’s a happy frug that still hates baths.

I forgot about the bottle of conditioner by the laundry sink…one day I ran out of shave cream. I can not shave without cream. I get so rashy and this looks so gross that if I had to pick, I think the hair is less noticeable. So, I remembered that bottle of Suave with beachy coconut scent. I used it as a shave cream. It did an awesome job! My legs were so smooth afterwards and no rash. I got a super close shave. My pits are sans fuzz. My legs felt so moisturized after rinsing that I didn’t have to use lotion. (I do choose to use a lotion in dryer weather). Ever since that day I’ve been using Suave Conditioner as a shave cream. It works out very nicely. And I don’t mind the scent. There are many to choose from ranging from Almond to Pomegranate. I also love the price. A 22.5 fl. oz bottle retail for under $3. Most shave gels retail for $3.50 for 7 oz!

The funny thing is that I have never used this conditioner as a conditioner, well, on myself (Frink was tested that one time). I can’t comment on how it does for that. I do know that if I was to travel, I would use this as a conditioner and a shave cream to help with packing light.

The downside is that this conditioner makes the tub really slippery. So be careful and remember that a little goes a long way. You just need a little slip, your not actually conditioning your legs! And I haven’t had any strange allergic reactions, but this doesn’t mean you won’t. Use your discretion. Suave doesn’t market this as a shave cream. Maybe they know something I don’t! And fellas, I don’t recommend this for face shaving. I imagine that it would leave you feeling greasy, but then again, some guys shave with oil.

Suave Conditioner retails for under $3. It’s available at most drugstores and Amazon. 

I’ve also wanted to try VO5 conditioner because it is even cheaper at under $2 for 15 fl. oz. But, the fragrances seem a bit more fruity like blackberry and strawberry.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. Post contains an affiliate link. 

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        1. Winter is coming, meaning that I’ll rarely be shaving either, LOL. Now, that is really time saving and cost effective 🙂

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