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Weekly Cheap Find: Covergirl Cheekers & Instant Cheekbones Blush

Covergirl Cheekers Blush is one of my many stupid addictions. I love this stuff. It is cheap so I can own like every one (they retail for under $5).

I love these because they contain fine particles of shimmer that come across like pixie dust. This formula really makes my skin look dewy and almost like a mannequins. There’s a wide range of colors. Some of my favorite shades include: Classic Pink which is a just worked out flushed pink, Snow Plum which is a light pinky plum shimmer, Pretty Peach which is a true peaches and cream with shimmer, Golden Pink which is a warm rust with gold shimmer, Cinnamon Toast which is a warm tan shimmer and Plum Plush which is a deeper violet with tons of gold shimmer. All of the shades make the skin look healthy and like it is “glowing”.

There is an odd aroma that is like Noxzema.

I also like Covergirl Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush. It is the same formula as Cheekers but it comes with three fab shades. They retail for less than $5. I love Peach Perfection which contains three shimmery tones of peach and Purely Plum which contains three shades of cool plummy pinks. The colors can be used to “contour” but I usually just swirl a brush around all three to create one shade.

I don’t know if this matters since most people use their own brushes these days. But, the brush in these are awful. The size is awkward but the bristles actually hurt my face. I throw them out.

Covergirl products can be found at most drugstores and at Target.

*Product pic from the brand. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!