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Dorothy Lee 1930's New Years PictureDecember 26th- January 2nd

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe New Year’s. Here’s to 2011! I really hope that this will be a good year; I’m feeling optimistic. I’m feeling motivated. 2010 was painfully uneventful and frankly, disappointing personally, but it taught me a few lessons. I hope everyone’s year is filled with happiness, productivity, and frizz-free hair. I know the this year will be frizz-free since Carrie from Eyeliner On A Cat talked me into buying One n’ Only Argan Oil Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, reviews coming soon! Hmm…maybe you can have frizz-free hair too 🙂

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Just in time for the New Year, Sheila from Painted Ladies shows you how to declutter and organize your makeup collection.

EauMG (that’s me, LOL) shares an indie perfume house in the Pacific Northwest that makes the best Violet/Leather perfume.

Also, take the time to check out my favorites of 2010 and 14 other perfume bloggers’ favorites of 2010, Best of Perfumes-A Blogging Event.

And again, thank you for reading EauMG in 2010, I hope offer much more in 2011. Have I mentioned a potential 2011 PNW Smell-a-thon for fumeheads?

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    1. Totally agree. When I don’t use this little couple, then it looks like my hair had a romp with a balloon. Thank you so much for recommending them to me.

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