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Votivo Rush of Rose Candle Review

Votivo Rush of Rose Candle

Rose Week 2012

Votivo Rush of Rose is an “old-fashioned” rose since it is a rose soliflore. Rush of Rose isn’t a powdery rose, it’s a “watery” or “dewy” rose. The rose is undeniably rose. Anybody that smells it will sniff and say “rose”. It’s a cool rose, a rose covered in cool dew. It reminds me of a rose in the early morning. This is not a powdery, cosmetic rose scent.

Notes listed include water greens, light ozone, aldehydes, Morrocan rose, damask rose, may rose, sweet musk and soft woods.

The burn of this candle is even and it has amazing throw. Votivo’s packaging is simple and classy.

This is a scent that you’ll like or dislike. I find that rose is a polarizing note that reminds different people of different things. Personally, I really enjoy this scent, especially for this time of year. I will be repurchasing it. You may like this scent if you like Jo Malone Red Roses, Diptyque Roses, and/or Tocca Florence.

The candle comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $10-$26. It can be purchased at Candles Off Main.

*Candle purchased by me from Candles Off Main. Product pic from Candles Off Main.

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    1. I like that too. It doesn’t smell like “potpourri” or powdery. It smells dewy and fresh. It’s not a scent I want all of the time but when I do, it’s perfect.

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