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Votivo Jasmine Neroli & Azure Garden Candle Review

It’s Easter and I really should be stuffing my face with Cadbury Creme Eggs but before I start doing that, here’s two quick Votivo candle reviews:

Votivo Jasmine Neroli

Jasmine Neroli with notes of mandarin, guava, angelica, jasmine, tuberose, white musk, vanilla and woods.

This is a tropical fruit white floral.It’s a tart but syrupy guava over “clean” jasmine with a backdrop of vanilla and woods. I’m usually not a fan of “tropical” home fragrances but I like this one. It’s fun but isn’t a campy “poolside tiki cocktail” scent. Citrus and woods add a “sophistication” to this tropical fruity-floral. One to try if you like scents like Thymes Agave Nectar or Votivo Pink Mimosa. 

Votivo Azure Garden

Azure Garden with notes of grape hyacinth, blueberry, prairie grass, red leaf rose, red hunter, tulip, teak wood and vetiver.

This is one for those that like fresh, dewy scents. It’s a green, fresh grassy floral with “blueberries on ice”. It’s tart and green, dewy and fruity. One to try if you like scents like NEST Blue Garden. 

Both of these are really good fruity-florals for the home. I would describe Jasmine Neroli as more summery and Azure Garden as more “springy”. Like all of the other Votivo candles that I have owned, these burn evenly and have a nice throw.

These Votivo scents are available in candles, a diffuser and a room spray. Prices range from $12-$40 at Candles Off Main and Candle Delirium.

Excuse me. There is an egg-shaped chocolate calling my name.

*Products purchased by me. Product pic from Candle Delirium.