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Votivo French Candle Collection Review

Votivo French candles

Here’s my impressions of the French inspired home fragrance line by Votivo.

Anjou Pear

This is a fruity pear fragrance with a hint of freshly sliced green apples. It’s nothing special, but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t see the allure in pear scented home fragrances. The scent is juicy and fruity. The more it burns, I pick up on a “green floral” aspect. As far as pear candles go, this one is really nice. It also has amazing throw.

Rosemary Grapefruit

This is a bitter ruby red grapefruit with with a hint of cooling, green rosemary. It’s a great “neutral” scent for the home since it smells fresh. I did notice that when this one burns, it does not smell as strong as the others that I’m reviewing. It’s “quieter”.

Provençal Honey

This is a sweet honey fragrance. I love it. I have never smelled a honey home fragrance that actually smells like honey. This one does. I wish they’d make a body product line using this scent. This sweet, slightly powdery honey fragrance has awesome throw. This is my absolute favorite from the tree that I tried.

All of the candles burned easily. Anjou Pear and Provençal Honey have great throw.

These candles are packaged in French inspired terracotta. Like all terracotta, the vessel is very fragile. I thought once the candle was gone, I could remove the wax and use these as flower pots. It was a bad idea. I broke the vessel. Oh, well. The vessel does look nice with certain rustic decor or those kitchens that have all of the cool stuff from Williams-Sonoma.

These retail for $16 each at Candle Luxury.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by Votivo. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Candle Luxury.

2 thoughts on “Votivo French Candle Collection Review

  1. I love the French Collection by Votivo!!! It has great fragrances and I think it’s so unappreciated. If I were the Creative Director for Votivo I’d blow this line out with charming hand soap and lotion for the kitchen (all of the fragrances are great for the kitchen). I’d also make a hand scrub, bar soap and spray. Tuscan Olive and Prairie Sage have huge followings. Votivo does the best job with herbal fragrances so those two are fantastic. I also love the St. Germain Lavender. Every time it comes in I’m blown away by how amazing they smell still in the packing carton. Sumatra Lemongrass is fantastic if you want a clean scent to get rid of kitchen odors. It smells amazing burning. All of the French Collection candles are available in clear glass as well (almost the same amount of wax as the terra cotta version) for $15 and they make a great votive holder when the candle is done. We have them here: http://www.candlesoffmain.com/votivo-french-collection.aspx if you are interested. I’m so glad you gave this collection some lovin’!!!!! I wish Votivo would and expand it more.

    1. If the Honey was made into hand soap, body product, etc. I would buy all of it. I love it.

      Years ago, I tried Olive and bought it. It would make a great body line too.

      I didn’t realize they came in glass which I like. The terra cotta works for certain decor but not with my decor (even though I’m envious of that French countryside look!) I think they’re excellent candles for the money.

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