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Votivo Floure Candle – Bright Leaf Tobacco Review

Votivo Bright Leaf Tobacco

Votivo Floure Candles as a line of candles in these gorgeous vessels inspired by the fringe on flappers’ dresses. This collection features Votivo’s most popular fragrances. When I got the candle, I immediately though mid-century modern with its cute tapered “legs” and the texture of the ceramic reminded me a little of West German pottery. My husband, a man not amused by my candle addiction, said this is the prettiest candle ever. He may not be amused by my wax addiction, but he does have a soft spot for mid-century modern.

The vessel is gorgeous. And I really can’t describe it, it’s prettier in person. It’s a 2 wick candle. Like the rest of Votivo’s candles, this one burns evenly and cleanly. The throw is nice. Rush of Rose is available in this vessel and I plan on buying that one in the near future.

Votivo candle

Bright Leaf Tobacco contains notes of tobacco leaves, tonka, vanilla, patchouli, amber and lavender. 

The scent is a creamy vanilla and tonka with traces of aromatic lavender. The tobacco in this remind me of fresh tea leaves. The scent is comforting and good one for fall/winter. It’s also a little “masculine” and my husband likes it.

The Floure Candle retails for $40 at Votivo. The scent is also available in other candle sizes.

*Disclaimer – Candle provided by Votivo. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. First Votivo pic is from www.candleluxury.com; the other is mine.

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    1. Haha, it’s an Ericofon. At one time I collected Ericofons probably because they were phallic… got rid of most of them.

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