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Voluspa Makara & Moso Bamboo Candles – Mini Reviews

Voluspa is a line of home fragrance that I find to be very solid. And their prices are great. Here are my mini reviews of Mokara and Moso Bamboo:

Voluspa Mokara

Mokara – Notes listed include Mokara orchid, white lily, and spring moss.

Cool lily fragrance with some headiness. Gorgeous. It reminds me of having fresh lilies in the home. However, this candle is even better than having fresh lilies in the home. It isn’t suffocating and it doesn’t die or get pollen all over the place.

Voluspa Moso Bamboo

Moso Bamboo – Notes listed include moso bamboo, black musc, and Japanese cypress.

This reminds me somewhat of my beloved GAP Om – acrid incense, black musk (a mix of grape juice and musk) and cypress. I’m instantly drawn to Moso Bamboo. I actually made a sigh relief while sniffing it. If you like dry incense scents, you should try this.

Both of these Voluspa scents are winners in my opinion. They’re excellent scents for the home. These are both tranquil scents that I could see myself having around year-round.

The Mokara vessel is white which fits with the fragrance. The Moso Bamboo vessel is black and I love it. I think the packaging of both of these are very glamorous.

Voluspa candles come in a few sizes with prices ranging from $8-$24 at Beauty.com.

* Product pics from Beauty.com. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Voluspa Makara & Moso Bamboo Candles – Mini Reviews

  1. I adore Voluspa! So happy to see a review on here, as I’ve found that sometimes it can be hard to find info about them online. I only have their French Cade Lavender candle, but it was my first luxury candle purchase and is a great zesty, woody masculine scent (imo!). Both of these intrigue me too, but I think I’ll have to wait until my first huge jar is all gone to buy another 🙂

    1. I have so many favorites from Voluspa. They really deserve more attention!

      I adore French Cade Lavender…it’s a sexy home fragrance 😉 Like a sexy man. I think you may like Moso Bamboo as well but that’s if you feel like buying another zesty, fresh “masculine”. You may want something completely different.

      I think they’re a good value: pretty packaging, excellent fragrances and they last a long time. Plus, they throw. In my small space, I only need their smallest size to scent the place up.

      Sadly, I’m a candle no-buy until I use up what I already have. My next one is Moso Bamboo 🙂

  2. These candles do sound nice, and I’m really liking the black container. This is the kind of candle you can leave out on the shelf when guests come over instead of stashing it away in the closet with the less “attractive” fragrance candles.

    1. They’re just as pretty in person. I do like a candle that I can leave out and that actually “matches” my decor.

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