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Voluspa Maison Rouge Collection Review

Voluspa Maison Rouge Collection

Not too long ago, I mentioned that Voluspa has launched the Maison Rouge Collection, a diverse home fragrance collection with beautiful Art Nouveau inspired packaging. More info here. I’ve had a chance to sniff the entire line and here’s what my nose and me think:

Warm Perique Tabac – My impression is that this is a warm, comforting fragrance. It is tobacco but not a dried pipe tobacco. The tobacco used in Warm Perique Tabac is freshly cut, only partially dried. I’m from Tennessee. Trust me, I know the stages of drying out tobacco! Warm Perique’s Tabac is slightly green with a spicy edge. There’s a faint background of leather that reminds me of a luxurious leather chair setting in a library near a burning hearth. There is an odor reminiscent of freshly polished wood as well. I really like Warm Perique Tabac as a home fragrance because it is so refined. It reminds me of being in a Ralph Lauren Home ad 🙂 It isn’t as smoky as I would expect but it all works out. This leans towards the more masculine end of the spectrum. This scent fits right in with a study or library or a stuffy, formal living room.

White Currant Quince Versaillles –  From the description, I wasn’t interested in this fragrance. I’m glad I’ve sniffed it! This is a fragrance that I would want my living space to smell like. It’s a fruity fragrance. It isn’t as tart as I expected. It’s much more sweet and milky. The top is a tart but bubbly, almost champagne grape like. Tart but not sour, this is sweet. The quince adds a floral-ish apple note. This doesn’t smell like a fresh quince to me but a grilled quince. There is a fig like milkiness to this too. I really like White Currant Quince because it is tart and fresh with the perfect amount of fruity, milky sweetness. I think this scent is appropriate and neutral enough for any room of the house.

Figue de Bourdeaux – Here’s the one I couldn’t wait to try! Figue de Bourdeaux is fig but it isn’t milky or woodsy. This is a very green fig fragrance with an herbaceous, leafy kick. There is no sweet milkiness to Figue de Bourdeaux. I love this one; I knew I would. This reminds me of a fig tree in early-mid July. It’s leafy and green and the little fruits are beginning to show. They aren’t ripe and they lack any sweetness. There’s a faint fruitiness to Figue de Bourdeaux under all the green, but it isn’t ripe. It’s tart. This fig isn’t like any fig in my home fragrance collection, so I’d love to have this one. It’s a zesty fig. It kind of reminds me of Tokyomilk Parfums Ex Libris (without the cardamom, of course).

Pomegranate Patchouli – This is a tart fruity fragrance, reminding me of red currants. Under the tart juiciness there’s red currants and blood oranges, there’s a spiciness with faint woods. Don’t worry. This one is not patchouli heavy, meaning that it isn’t dirty or earthy. This is a fruity scent grounded by peppery spices.  I really see this as a “cozy fruit” fragrance. I can’t think of many of those! This is a great fruit fragrance for winter. It’s warm and very “red” like a pomegranate.

Mandarina Cannela – This is a creamy orange fragrance that reminds me of a gourmet version of orange cream pops! It’s glimmering mandarin with a creamy, dreamy vanilla core. I pick up on fresh ginger that sniffs both cool and hot. There’s also a pumpkin pie spice blend of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  I usually can’t stand cinnamon and orange fragrances because they are too “holiday” to me. But, I really like Mandarina Cannela because it is more about the mandarin and ginger. This an energetic, optimistic take on the traditional holiday blend of orange/cinnamon. Mandarina Cannela is not a scent I’d like to wear but I’d like it for my home. However, I think many people would like this as a perfume. It’s a glamorous orange creamsicle.

Golden Cypress Sawara – This is such a fresh and clean evergreen fragrance that isn’t overwhelming or “sporty”. It has a cool juniper aroma with sweet citrus spice. This is a beautiful “holiday” or winter scent that is slightly unexpected. If Golden Cypress Sawara was a color, it’d be jade.

Muscari – This is a delicate floral. Muscari is another way of saying grape hyacinth. This is a dewy powdery grape-like lily scent with humid and creamy white florals at the base. This is an intoxicating floral and it definitely leans towards the feminine end of the spectrum. I think this is a beautiful fragrance for the home and the body. But, some noses may find it too overwhelming for living quarters. You have to love florals to love Muscari.

Voluspa Maison Rouge Collection comes in various sizes of candles, home diffusers, and home & body sprays. Candle prices range from $16 to $27, Petite Diffuser is $27, and the Room & Body Spray is $19. This line is available at Candles Off Main. Tell ’em EauMG sent ya!

12 thoughts on “Voluspa Maison Rouge Collection Review

  1. Wonderful! I was in need of just this very blog post, I’m glad I waited to make my holiday candle haul. I think I need Golden Cypress Suwara, Warm Perique Tabac and after reading this, I’m going for the uppity creamsicle Mandarin Cannela too. Too bad you don’t get more of an earthy patchouli kick on the Pom Patchouli, that would have sealed it for me.

    1. I want Warm Perique Tabac just for the Art Nouveau-ish moth motif! Plus, it’s a pretty scent, something I like for winter.
      I think all of your picks are perfect for winter. They are a very cool take on the holidays! I love the thought of Mandarin Cannela as the modern pomander!
      I didn’t mind the Pomegranate Patchouli one but I’m finding that I don’t like pomegranate in fragrance because it never smells like the real deal. Perfume pom reminds me of the flavoring of Pomegranate Tootsie Pops, candy-like.

      1. I also can’t stand pomegranate scented things, I always steer clear! That’s why I was hoping the patchouli would have taken over. I haven’t found a good pomegranate scent yet.

        1. Well, the patchouli didn’t win. This one smells very “red”, juicy. I guess it could be wine-like.
          I haven’t found a pomegranate to love either! I bought Demeter’s and gave it away.

  2. Thanks for an informative posts. Voluspa scented candles really are a touch of luxury -their Santiago Huckleberry fragrance takes some beating! Unfortunately, I don’t think the Maison Rouge collection is available yet here in the UK, but hopefully it will be with us in the New Year!

    1. I have yet to try Santiago Huckleberry! I know, that’s bad.
      The Maison Rouge Collection is so diverse that you’re bound to find a fave. I’m so shallow, but I really love the packaging!The ones in the cylinder totally go with my decor.

  3. I love Warm Perique Tabac. The wood and leather notes come out when burning. I also love Golden Cypress Sawara. A great, year-round woodsy scent. I like that it doesn’t smell like a Christmas tree.

    You might want to try blending White Currant Quince and Figue de Bourdeaux at the same time. I loved that combination. Intoxicating! The earthy fig helped ground the tart quince.

    Thanks for the thorough review! Very helpful.

    1. I’ve been all about “mixing” candles. It’s so much fun! I think the White Currant Quince & Figue combo sounds divine. It would remind me of late summer or early fall.
      I’m probably going to order the Warm Perique Tabac. I’ve been craving leather scents again!

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