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Voluspa Champaca Bloom & Fern Scented Candle Review

Voluspa Champa Bloom

This is a home scent for the white floral lover. This scent is loaded with “exotic” white florals. This fragrant candle is like tropical, heady white floral bomb. It is sweet and slightly spicy for a white floral blend. It fills my house with a spicy tuberose and sweet, humid gardenia. I don’t get too much of the fern but this scent is much “cooler” than most tropical floral blends. So, I would say that the fern and lily of the valley are there but I can’t pick up on it since the tropical florals are pretty loud. I think those two subdued notes add a watery, humid element. For some reason, this fragrance reminds of Juicy Couture EDP (the “original”). I think because it is a sweet, creamy, humid tropical floral. So to sum this scent up- It’s a rich, humid, sweet tropical white floral. It is a heavy scent. I can see how some could find this one overwhelming. I like the scent. I don’t crave a scent this humid all of the time, but I do like it occasionally.

I do like the candle. It is very fragrant and it can fragrance my entire house. The candle burns evenly. The scent is throughout the candle. Oh, and the packaging is nice. Many sizes are available. So you can get just a little or a lot of a heavy champaca home scent.

Notes listed include champaca bloom, fresh fern leaf, muguet, and gardenia.

This is a candle to try if you like heavy tuberose and gardenia scents and you want your living space to smell the same as perfumes like Juicy Couture, Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia, Urban Rituelle Tahitian Gardenia, Antica Farmacista Ala Moana, Yosh White Flowers, and/or Tom Ford Private Blends Champaca Absolute.

Prices and sizes vary. Voluspa candles are available at Nordstrom. 

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

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  1. I adore these candles. I give them as gifts…which is kind of cliche’, but they are just so fantastic. Everyone loves them!

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