Vince Camuto for Men EDT Fragrance Review

Vince Camuto Cologne for Men

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A few weeks ago I reviewed Vince Camuto for Women, now let’s see if Vince Camuto for Men is also a good “fit” for the Vince Camuto line.

Vince Camuto for Men opens with a rush of citrus, spices and a metallic lavender. After it “settles” within 2 minutes, I get tons of spices – lavender, nutmeg, mace mixed with “fresh” notes that give a lift to the fragrance. The heart is a mix of a “spice hash” with a clean, new leather. The dry down is woods and vetiver. I have noticed that I prefer this one from a distance than up close. From afar, I pick up on the new leather smell mixed with “fresh” notes and I rather like that.

Obviously, I’m not the demographic for this fragrance. It’s for dudes. It is too masculine for me to wear. As a men’s fragrance it isn’t a game changer (it’s safe), but it’s nice for a young man (20’s-early 40’s). I really like the packaging and it looks more expensive than what it is.

Like the women’s fragrance. Vince Camuto for Men works with the brand’s aesthetic as a fragrance and with the leather covered bottle. It fits with the brand and that is what I look for with a designer fragrance.

Alain Delon

Notes listed include Italian bergamot, mandarin, black pepper, lavender, nutmeg, leather, precious woods, patchouli, vetiver and musk. Launch date 2012.  PERFUMER – Harry Fremont

Give Vince Camuto a try if you like “clean” designer-style masculines. Or fragrances like Chanel Bleu de Chanel, Gucci Pour Homme, YSL L’Homme Libre, and/or Ralph Lauren Polo Black. I view this one as a masculine that can be worn day or night.

This fragrance has average projection and longevity.

Vince Camuto for Men comes in 2 sizes with prices ranging from $57-$70 at Macy’s.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFresh, spiced “leather”. Not a game changer, smells like something for a man in his 20’s-early 40’s – not for me. But, it does smell nice and will probably get a guy some compliments.

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