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Villainess Decadence And Dulces en Feugo Soap Reviews

If you love gourmand fragrances and if you like bar soap, you must try these 2 scents from Villainess. These scents are rich, dark and indulgent.

Villainess soaps review

Decandence – “An indulgent vanilla that is alcoholic, butter and bittersweet with delightful undertones of tonka and coconut. Our favorite vice.” Decadence is a sweet but balsamic vanilla with a hefty does of tonka bean. This is like a soap version of Guerlain Tonka Imperiale. The name is perfect for this fragrance. It’s decadent and I feel decadent bathing in it. And there are these scrubbies in the bar. I think it’s real vanilla bean pod. But, wouldn’t that cost a fortune? I’m pretty sure it’s real vanilla beans. Decadence is my favorite Villainess soap to date.

Dulces en Feugo – “Musky bitter chocolate layered with vanilla and touches of citrus then positively inflamed with black pepper and nutmeg.” Dulces en Fuego is dark and rich. It’s a spiced Mexican chocolate, the perfect balance of vanilla and earthy dark chocolate with a generous amount of spice. It has cracked black pepper and cinnamon in it that provides the perfect amount of physical exfoliation for my skin. I really love this “dark” rich scent. It reminds me of Arquiste Anima Dulcis. It’s easily unisex.

Both bars are awesome and I’ll repurchase. The soaps are good quality, highly fragrant and rinse easily. What I like about both of these scents, is that they are sweet but have an underlying darkness. Decadence has a tobacco like tonka. Dulces en Feugo has rich spices.

Both soap bars retail for $5.50 at Villainess.

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*Soap bars purchased by me.

4 thoughts on “Villainess Decadence And Dulces en Feugo Soap Reviews

    1. I love bar soaps so that is my disclaimer. Some are better than others (that’s why I reviewed them).
      I agree that the Smooches are amazing.
      Yeah, I think the line does gourmand very well. It’s not what I expected. They’re sweet but they’re often contrasted by “tough” notes like leather. I don’t know, they’re more perfume-y than other gourmand soaps that I’ve tried from small brands.

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