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Villainess Datura, Bathory and Krakatoa Soap Review

Villainess is a line of bath and body products hand-crafted in my home state of Tennessee…proof that I’m not the only awesome thing to come out of the state 😉 I love this line’s soaps because they are highly fragrant, lather and rinse easily and I like the look of the line. Here’s my review of three of the fruity-floral scents:

Villainess Soaps

DaturaA intoxicating blend of crisp, regal gardenias, sweet frangipani, verdant tuberose, and soft, beguiling pikaki lani.

Datura is a beautiful, heady white floral. I get peachy gardenias and heady tuberose. It’s such a romantic but sassy fragrance. If Billie Holiday had a soap line, it would smell like this. This cream colored bar has no exfoliators.

BathoryThe cloying sweetness of covetous lust for misspent youth, offset by a geriatric touch of rose and carnation, and underscored by malevolent insinuation of sandalwood.

Bathory is a fruity-floral. I get a very fruity rose, that is almost tart like a pomegranate, with a spicy floral. I think of it as more of a feminine fragrance. I’m not too wild about this because I dislike tart fragrances. The rust-colored bar has no exfoliators in it.

KrakatoaFlashes of exotic foliage – coconut, banana, papaya, dewfruit, mango – amidst slightly more domestic fruits – nectarine, red apple, peach, plums, pears, and raspberries – and an explosive burst of citrus – mandarin, orange, pineapple, lemon, and tangerine. To ground or island paradise? A light musk, salted driftwood, sugar cane and dry sandalwood.

Krakatoa is a melange of fruit over sweet, dry woods. The color of the soap bar is like that of a fried plantain with a swirl of fuchsia. There is no exfoliators.

Billie Holiday

My favorite out of these three is Datura, the white floral. I’m not usually a fan of white florals but I can handle them when I wash them off in the shower 😉 This is the scent that I’ll repurchase out of the 3. If you like fruity-florals, you may like all of these.

Each bar retails for $5.50 and is available at Villainess.

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