Vilhelm Don’t Tell Jasmine Perfume Review

Vilhelm Don't Tell Jasmine

I like Vilhelm Don’t Tell Jasmine because it reminds me of glamorous, rowdy 70’s supermodels like Jerry Hall and oddly enough, nights in Mexico. Also, it’s jasmine. And I love jasmine.

Don’t Tell Jasmine opens with a fruity crème de cassis that immediately brought to mind a kir royale. The citrus adds a champagne-like effervescence. Underneath all of this is a skanky jasmine. If you are sampling this, I really hope you like jasmine because that’s what this perfume is all about! It’s a big jasmine that is indolic, but not too indolic because it’s balanced by something that is like “jasmine tea”. There’s a freshness to the fragrance, the fruits are there but not overbearing. Technically, this is a fruity-floral but it smells independent and grown-up. The fragrance is rather linear. It’s jasmine throughout the wear until it dries down to a more musky, softer jasmine. Obviously, how “indolic” this is will vary. I think it’s rather tame, but I’m into gross jasmines. I’m interested in hearing what the “indole sensitive” think of this one.

My life may not feel very glamorous or fun, but when I wear Don’t Tell Jasmine, it feels a little more so. Wearing it makes me feel rich and fabulous, draped in a satin robe drinking a kir royale.

Jerry Hall in pink satin

Notes listed include lemon, kir cocktail, jasmine and “petal musk”. Launched in 2017.

Give Don’t Tell Jasmine a try if you like jasmine. Like you’re going to really like jasmine to try this one. Or perfumes like LUSH Lust (Vilhelm’s is wayyy more softer though), Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge (Vilehlem’s is less spicy) and/or Nasomatto Nuda.

Projection and longevity are average (to above average depending on how much you want to luxuriate in).

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $245 at Arielle Shoshana and Barneys. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFruity jasmine and kir and more jasmine. I really love it. But, I need to think long and hard about buying a bottle because it’s not the cheapest jasmine that I’ve ever fallen in love with.

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