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Vilhelm A Lilac A Day


It’s an annual tradition on EauMG to feature “purple flowers” on the week of Nowruz/Vernal Equinox. “Purple flowers” are what I call flowers that (usually) have purple blossoms and bloom in spring: lilacs, violets, iris, heliotrope, hyacinth and wisteria (when I’m feeling generous). These are the sort of florals that make me think of spring. Plus, it gives me an excuse to talk about some of my favorite floral notes.

Lilac is one of those notes that people find “old-fashioned”. Because of this, a lilac soliflore is something you either love or hate. I adore lilacs and lilac perfume. Whenever I see a lilac soliflore, I have to try it. My disclaimer is that when I try a lilac, I’m not even looking for anything exceptional, innovative, etc. I just want something that smells pretty and evokes memories of springtime.

Vilhelm A Lilac A Day opens with a crisp, green lilac. It smells like a balmy spring day. The sun is shining, it’s cool and the ground is damp. As the perfume wears, it becomes a warmer (less-dewy) lilac with a heady jasmine (which sometimes reminds me of hyacinth). At this stage, A Lilac A Day doesn’t smell like lilacs in bloom but instead like lilac bath/body products. It comes across as synthetic with a mix of wax and powder. Personally, I like this because I love lilac soaps. The perfume stays true to being a lilac soliflore. It eventually fades into a white musk, green rose with powdery lilac.

Is A Lilac A Day my favorite lilac soliflore? No. But, I enjoy wearing it because I’m a sucker for these sort of nostalgic lilacs.

Greta Garbo

Notes listed include lilac, freesia, Egyptian jasmine, galbanum, black amber and Turkish rose. Launched in 2016. PERFUMER – Jerome Epinette

Give A Lilac A Day a try if you want a lilac perfume. Or like perfumes like Pacifica French Lilac, Neil Morris Rainflower, AERIN Lauder Lilac Path, Amouage Lilac Love and/or Caswell Massey Lilac.

Projection and longevity are average.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $245 at Aedes. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONLilac soliflore. I enjoy this fragrance but I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to lilacs, my tastes are cheap. I have cheaper stuff that fulfills my random “lilac soap” cravings.

If you want more lilac perfume suggestions, here’s my comprehensive Lilac Perfume Guide.

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