Uzo Aduba at The 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards with CARGO Cosmetics

Uzo Aduba

I rarely publish these “Get the Look” press releases because I figure you can find them elsewhere; however, when I found this one in my inbox, I had to publish it because it gives me an excuse to talk about something I want to talk about.

I love Orange is the New Black for so many reasons. (One of them being that it passes the Bechdel test). And like the rest of America, I finished Season 2 within a week. Don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free post. I’m already in semi-mourning because I hate the thought that I have to wait an entire year for Season 3. I’m already missing these characters.

Last week, Uzo Aduba AKA Suzanne AKA “Crazy Eyes” took home a well-deserved Critics’ Choice Award for “Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series”. She is a gorgeous woman and it just proves how difficult it must be for the makeup crew for OITNB to make these women look well, un-glamorous.

Jessica Small, the makeup artist for Cargo Cosmetics, shares how she gave Uzo her “regal” look for The 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards.

Cargo Cosmetics



STEP 1: Start by lining the upper and lower waterlines with CARGO COSMETICS Swimmables™ Eye Pencil in Black Sea ($18).  Then, brush brows into place and fill in areas that are sparse with CARGO COSMETICS Brow Pencil in Dark ($20).

STEP 2: Using a firm synthetic brush, apply CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Eye Shadow Primer ($19) to entire eye area. Next, taking a flat shadow brush, apply CARGO Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Mojave ($16) to the lid, then using a blending brush apply CARGO Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Cyprus ($16) to the lid blending the color just above the crease.

STEP 3: Line the top of the lash line with CARGO Cosmetics Texasliner Liquid Eye Liner ($20) to define eye shape, and again, rim the upper and lower waterlines to give semi smoldering effect.  Coat lashes with CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Mascara ($22) and add a few individual false lashes to the outer corners of eyes.


STEP 4: Glow, glow, glow…  skin has to glow! Scrap a bit of CARGO Cosmetic’s gold color eye shadow in Mojave into the moisturizer.  Using your hands, massage the mixture onto the face and along the neck. Let the moisturizer settle into the skin for about 2 minute and apply a sheer layer of foundation primer.

STEP 5: Using a firm, synthetic makeup brush, apply CARGO Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in shade 80 ($32) to the face. Next, using the ring finger, add concealer, CARGO Cosmetics One Base ($28) to any areas that needed extra coverage, as well as under the eyes to cancel out any darkness.

STEP 6: Set skin with a sheer dark translucent powder and using a soft, fluffy brush sweep CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Pressed Powder in 40 under the eyes, down the center of the nose, above the cheek bones and in the center of the forehead.

STEP 7: Finish off the face by adding CARGO Cosmetics Blush in Laguna ($26) to the cheeks.  Using the Mojave eye shadow again, dust the shadow over cheekbones.


STEP 8: Polish lips with an exfoliating lip balm to remove any dead skin. Next, apply CARGO_HD Picture Primer Lip Primer ($19) and line with a deep merlot colored liner.  Using a lip brush, apply CARGO Cosmetics Essential Lip Color in Napa ($22) and then layer the color with Punta Cana on top.  To finish the lip, blend the colors in with a lip brush and add two coats of CARGO Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss in Vienna ($16).

All products are available at CARGO Cosmetics.

Orange is the new Black

Also, made props to Cargo for offering a diverse range of complexion products from very pale to very dark. It’s a shame to see how limited most brands are! And I want those purple lip products badly. I’m all about purple lips this summer.

Also, I’m all about this chart that I saw on After Ellen. OMG. F Larry. I hope he’s gone next season. I almost wrote some fan fiction where Larry dies in a car accident on a way to visit the prison…I’d say I’m a bad person but it’s my hypothetical fan fiction, I can do what I want. Anyway, you can go here for more charts, but I suggest you only visit if you have finished Season 2.

Orange is the New Black Chart

And since I can’t shut up about this show, who’s your favorite character/s? I’m all about some Taystee and Poussey (4 eva) but I also developed some new favorites this season too. And I have a feeling we all hate the same character…

*Info provided by Cargo Cosmetics’ PR including product pics. Other pics are from After Ellen. And dear PR companies, keep the OITNB press releases coming. CARGO is an affiliate link. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Uzo Aduba at The 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards with CARGO Cosmetics

  1. Yes we do all hate the same character. I love “crazy Eyes” and I adore Laverne Cox. This show can sometimes be gut wrenching to watch. It’s crazy how one life change or dumb mistake can destroy someone’s life especially if your a disenfranchised member of society. I love that the show points out these issues. These women on this show are beautiful actors.

    1. I agree that it can be gut-wrenching at times. But, I think the show does a good job of showing the complexities of people. Everything isn’t black/white (well, race was talked about a lot but you get what I’m saying). I really see this show as some sort of modern day muckraking. It has brought to light problems of the prison system, foster care, etc. through a mostly fictional story. I really, really love that the show addresses these issues. And it is tough at times but there is enough humor to make it palatable, like even with Suzanne/Crazy Eyes, her character is so sad (mental health issues, the adoption, etc.) but she is kind and humorous.

      I love that these women are on my TV. So much of TV has the same sort of actress. It’s refreshing to see all of these women – women of different colors, sizes and ages. I really hope they can find continued success outside of this show. Speaking of…did you see Laverne Cox shut down Katie Couric? She’s awesome.

  2. No, I’ll look for that. I really think The creators of this show did a very good job of bringing these social issues to light. I don’t think we’ve had a show actually address some serious issues like this since the 70’s, but that’s just my opinion. It’s so genius to take a cute pretty girl and pretend it’s a show about her and make it about really interesting characters that may not have gotten a chance to be on a series. Pure genius. I like the quote about gluten foods in prison. 🙂

    1. Really was genius on the show’s pitchers. “Oh, we can ‘sell’ this show as some story about a cute blonde but we’ll really use her as a vessel to show lots of different people on TV”.

      That line was great. Lots of great lines this season.

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