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Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Soap Bar Review

Urban Rituelle Cotton Candy Soap Review

Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Soap is a vegetable based soap with skin conditioning vegetable oils, cocoa butter, glycerin, and Vitamin E. It’s a very fragrant bar soap. At first I was turned off by the idea of soap smelling like cotton candy. What adult woman wants to wash their body with a carnival treat? OK, don’t answer that. You know what I mean 🙂 Urban Rituelle Soap in Cotton Candy is sweet but not very candy-like in my opinion. It’s a sweet, clean floral fragrance.

The Scent: The scent is a bit old-fashioned, in a good way, and not what I expected. Imagine a soft and powdery rose floral mixed with cotton candy. There’s an obvious cleanness to the fragrance being that it is a bar soap. So  it smells soapy 🙂 I like the fragrance but wouldn’t want it in a EDP. It makes me want to get a cotton candy machine just to make rose flavored cotton candy! Those wanting super sweet cotton candy in a bar soap may be disappointed. Urban Rituelle Cotton Candy isn’t overwhelming and the fragrance doesn’t last very long on the skin.

The Formula & Appearance: It’s a basic soap bar formula. It isn’t overly soft so it doesn’t melt as quickly as other luxury soaps that I have used. Because it doesn’t melt very easily, this means that it isn’t very moisturizing either. This is a good old-fashioned bar soap that cleans with lots of suds. The soap bar is a beautiful cotton candy pink shade. On one side of the bar, it is imprinted “Made In Australia”. I find this very cute.

The soap is nice. I like bar soaps and I know they aren’t the formula of choice for most people. It lathers nicely and is fragrant. The fragrance isn’t “luxurious” and it doesn’t smell “expensive” but it is likable. If you like sweet florals or soapy florals than you may like this bar soap.

The largest Urban Rituelle soap bar retails for $9 and the smaller soap bar for $6. It is available at B-Glowing.

*Disclaimer – This product was provided by Urban Rituelle. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

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