Trind Keratin Treatment & Caring Color Nail Polish Review

Bette Davis

Trind is a Dutch nail care line that is now available in North America. This review is long but there’s a backstory.

I have the weakest, worst nails. No exaggeration. They are paper thin and peel like bananas. There’s a medical reason for this, actually more than one. When you have bad nails, you get so sick of hearing nail “tips” and what to do, even though you know that people have the best of intentions and are being nice. It’s still really annoying. I wish people would realize that bad nails could be related to thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, anemia and even OCD and ADHD (impulse control issues and nail biting). AND people with these medical conditions don’t always feel like volunteering this personal information… It’s also annoying because I have literally tried every single tip. All of them. And they did not help my nails. I realize that considering other symptoms of my medical conditions, it’s really the least of my worries.

Anyway,  I’m saying is that I’ve never had beautiful nails despite “trying it all” – vitamins, supplements, creams and any other treatment you can think of.

Trind’s PR contacted me regarding a nail restoring set with news of their launch in North America, I figured you know, I’ve tried everything and I may as well try something else. All I have to lose is my time. I’m so happy that Trind convinced me to try these.

The Keratin Kit is a kit intended for weak, thin nails or nails that are recovering from acrylic nail applications.

Trind Keratin Nail Treatment

Trind Keratin Nail Restorer

“TRIND Keratin Nail Restorer is a moisturising nail strengthener for sensitive nails or for nails that are damaged due to the use of artificial nails for example.”

In the past I have used many highly-rated “nail restorers” but they ended up burning and irritating the skin around my nails (and sometimes even my thin nails). I guess the best description I can give is that it was like rubbing hot peppers into an open wound (even though my skin was not broken). I stopped using these before I could possibly see any results. Trind’s is the only one that I’ve used that doesn’t burn. I use it at least once daily (and up to 3 times). I actually find myself wanting to use it because it has this soft, delicate rose and peony aroma that I absolutely love.

This is a moisturizing balsam that you “paint” on like polish. I let it saturate for about a minute and then massage it in. You can follow up with the next product, the Nail Protector.

This product is now a HG for me. I don’t know if it is the product itself or because I’m now giving my tips attention, but it works for me. My cuticles have never looked better. I love this product.

Trind Nail Protector

“TRIND Keratin Nail Protector is a protecting nail strengthener with keratin to be used in combination with TRIND Keratin Nail Restorer. TRIND Keratin Nail Protector is developed especially for sensitive nails or for nails that are damaged due to the use of artificial nails for example.”

This is the 2nd step in the kit. It’s like a base coat in that it is more like a nail polish (unlike the Nail Restorer). It dries to a clear, glossy finish. If you want to, you can follow up with nail polish. It does not cause any irritation on my delicate, sensitive nails.

Here’s the deal. For 4 weeks, you apply this daily…after removing with non-acetone nail polish remover. And then you apply the restorer and then the protector. I did this for two months.

This product has seriously strengthened my nails. For the first time in ages, I can see growth (I regret not taking a before and after but at the same time I was so embarrassed by my before!). My nails do not bend like paper! They actually feel and appear normal now. There’s no ridges/peeling either! I have used so many products like this – strengtheners, top coat, base coat and this is the only one that has actually made my nails more durable.

Here’s another HG product for me. Even David was astounded by how “normal” my nails seemed. I do know that one can overuse nail strengtheners (and cause nails to be brittle). So I used the product daily for 8 weeks. Now I apply it 2-3 times a week. This is the first time I can ever remember my nails not having the flexibility of a Fruit Roll-Up.

Trind Caring Color Nail Polish

Trind Caring Color Nail Polish

“The TRIND Caring Color nail polishes are more than just decorative. We have added special ingredients, which naturally adhere to the nail surface and improve the condition of the nails. You will benefit from stronger, faster growing nails.”

The Trind Caring Color line has every color imaginable and here are three of them. My nails have improved immensely and I’ve actually worn these shades. But, my nails were so bad to begin with that I’m still not ready to show them to the world 🙂 I need a few more months but I’ll get there! In the mean time, I’ve swatched these summer shades on artificial nails. Photographed in natural light.

Trind Nail Polish

Appletini CC198– Granny smith apple green with super fine gold shimmer.

Mint Julep CC199 – A mix of mint and Tiffany blue. No Shimmer.

Surf’s Up CC200– Teal blue with super fine royal purple and turquoise shimmer.

The formula of this nail polish is thicker. On the fake nails, these are covered with one coat. The shimmery formula, Surf’s Up, is slightly less thick. On my nails, I used one coat with Appletini and Mint Julep and two coats with Surf’s Up. The handle of these polishes is long and some people find that more comfortable.

I still have nail issues but after about two + months, my nails are looking better than ever. The Keratin Treatment Kit has changed the health of my nails, becoming a HG kit. I feel like these are worth every single penny. People that know me have said, “You’ve got to keep using whatever your using!” because my nails for once look normal! I don’t want to say that this product has changed my life, as that sounds so dramatic, but these products have changed my nails completely. They now appear more normal plus less pain (thin nails are painful). *I need to add that this is the first time I’ve ever used a nail product with formaldehyde resin (Tosylamide) but after doing my research and seeing the results, don’t let the “scary” word, well, scare you. Some of us need this. It’s not for everyone but it’s really helped me and for me, I feel it’s worth using. I can’t say that this duo will change your nails either but for me, this stuff has worked.

I’m sure results will vary but if you have weak nails and you’ve tried other products that didn’t work, you may want to try these. Like I said, formaldehyde resin isn’t for everyone but if you have paper thin and peeling nails (which can really hurt), try this. The moisturizer also makes a difference. If you’re problem is brittle (splitting/breaking) nails, the Keratin Kit is not for you. It will actually make your condition worse.

The colors are really pretty and worth trying if you prefer thicker, full-coverage nail polish formulas.

The Trind Keratin Treatment Kit with the Nail Protector and Restorer retail for about $46. Nail Polishes retail for $13 each at Skinstore. And in Canada, Trind. 

You guys, I can’t wait to actually wear nail polish. I’m already planning my “fall nail wardrobe” 🙂

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*Disclaimer – Products provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Bette Davis pic from Life. Nail Treatment pic from Skinstore. Other images are EauMG’s.

6 thoughts on “Trind Keratin Treatment & Caring Color Nail Polish Review

  1. I’ve seen this stuff but never taken the plunge and bought it. I’m glad to hear its working for you. I’ve been having a lot of nail trouble lately too. Usually they do well in the summer but this year they are peeling and cracking like crazy. I’m giving the butter London Horsepower Nail Fertilizer a try. I’m hoping it helps.

    1. I hope it works for you too.

      You may benefit from something like argan oil? I’ve found that the summer has really dried out my hair and adding an oil treatment has helped. We haven’t had a “dry air” summer but my hair is reacting like we have.

  2. Oo, good for you finding your HG product! My nails go the other way, being if anything too hard; nightly application of argan oil has revolutionized my life. Weird how unhappy nails can make a big dent in any day – at least in any beauty self-assessment. I think it’s because we can see them (And because they’re so damn sensitive.)

    Also those colors are awesome and I want to do a rainbow manicure with them all right now.

    1. I love that I found a HG for my nails. They’re still growing and not bending!

      Yes, they do. It’s like you said, you see your hands so it’s always a reminder of ugh “gross hands”. And it actually is painful to have weak, sensitive nails. So, there’s a reminder anytime you try to open something, etc.

      The colors are really pretty. I’ve worn that lime more than I ever thought I would.

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