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Trapp Candles – Mini Reviews

Trapp is a line of home fragrances from Kansas City. I’ve actually been familiar with this brand since the early 90’s. My mom carried this line of home fragrance in her shop. Of course, their packaging has changed but surprisingly their concepts aren’t too far removed from what they were creating 20+ years ago. I remember they had a “topiary” scent that pre-pubescent me loved. It no longer exists.

Trapp Candles

Here’s a few “mini” reviews of newer fragrances from the line.

No. 14 Mediterranean Fig – Notes of fresh fig.

A soapy sandalwood fruit. Figs must smell different near the Mediterranean. I mainly get a squeaky clean sandalwood with laundry musk meets fruit salad from this. I went in with expectations and Mediterranean Fig was a disappointment. The final fragrance is not bad but it’s not one for those wanting a fig fragrance. This is one for those that want a woodsy laundry detergent.

No. 65 Mandarin Goji – Notes listed include goji berries and grapefruit.

A tart berry grapefruit. Less grapefruit that Aura Radiant candle. Goji has been the “it” note in home fragrance this year. I’m not a big fan of fruity home fragrances but if you are, this one may be worth a try.

No. 66 Fig and Mimosa – Notes listed include ripe figs, mimosa and blonde woods.

This should be my “dream” home fragrance based on title alone but it isn’t. It reminds me of the “white patchouli” in Tom Ford White Patchouli. In fact, it’s like if Tom Ford White Patchouli made an aquatic flanker. I mean, it’s good but it ain’t no fig and it ain’t no mimosa. So, the name has thrown me off. Throw the name out the window and I rather like this fragrance. Once the fig/mimosa expectation is gone, I like it. It’s a “fresh woods” fragrance that makes a nice home scent.

No. 67 Fine Linen – Notes listed include white rose petals, passion fruit nectar and vanilla orchid.

A fresh passion fruit rose. It isn’t laundry-ish but it’s very fresh and crisp making it a great “clean” scent for the home.

No. 68 Teak and Oud Wood – Notes listed include Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, teak and oud.

A sweet synth oud with pipe tobacco. It’s really amazing for the price. If they made this into a men’s fragrance, they’d sell out. It smells much more expensive than what it is. It’s a nice budget substitute for Byredo Peyote Poem. It’s sort of great.

If I had to urge you to try one, try No. 68 Teak and Oud Wood. It’s a great value and it smells more expensive than it is. I highly recommend it for “cozy” home fragrance for cooler weather. I plan on buying the large candle and the room spray in this fragrance.

I also like No. 66 Fig and Mimosa and No. 67 Fine Line. Just don’t expect for them to smell like their names would imply.

Trapp Candles come in a votive size for $3.50 and a large candle for $22. These are available at Candles Off Main. The line also has room sprays and diffusers in these scents.

 *A few of these were purchased by me. Others were wax samples provided by Candles Off Main.

9 thoughts on “Trapp Candles – Mini Reviews

  1. Teak and Oud Wood. This sounds very good. Cozy for winter. I love figs! To eat. I just don’t get the “fig” scent thing. Sorry, but than I’m not really a fruitty person. The price point is very good. Along the lines of the Voluspa line which I like. I just can’t bring myself to spend $60.00+ for a candle. Although I have the L’Artisan amber ball. But hey, it’s AMBER!

    1. I want the big Teak and Oud Wood. The price is good for the line and they are fragrant.
      I find that my taste in home fragrance varies from my perfume taste. For example, I don’t like fruity home fragrances but can sometimes tolerate fruity personal fragrances.

      I have a candle problem and yes, I’ve spent more than I should have on candles. Now saying that, there are plenty and plenty great candles that retail for under $30 and I need to stick to those.

      Oh, my L’Artisan Amber is one of my favorite luxury purchases ever. I’ve had mine for 3 years and it is still fragrant! I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone.

  2. Speaking of Teak & Oud Wood being turned into a fragrance: You may want to sample Eau des Baux by L’Occitane – a dead ringer to my nose.

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