Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume Review

Tory Burch Love Relentlessly

To refresh your memory, I really was not a fan of the signature Tory Burch perfume. Looking back at my review, I guess I was unjustly harsh. But, that was how I felt at the time. I didn’t expect to like that fragrance because I’m not a fan at all of the Tory Burch aesthetic (even though there are plenty of people that successfully pull off this preppy, waspy, colorful 1970’s looks). When I received a sample of Love Relentlessly, I didn’t think I’d even try it, let alone review the thing. But, I did (by accident, by the way). I ended up writing a review because I had something to nice say. I thought my new review could add some balance.

The patchouli in Love Relentlessly is much more prominent than I expected from something with Tory Burch’s name on it. It opens with pear and lychee. With time, the mango pulp shows up. There’s pink pepper but instead of offering any spiciness, it adds more of a dry fruitiness. Then it’s a powdery iris and a rather camphoric patchouli. The dry-down is like some sort of strawberry-caramel- musk (that vaguely reminds me of Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight). I wouldn’t say that Love Relentlessly is an exceptionally unique perfume, but I will say that it’s not what I expected from Tory Burch. If I had to choose to wear one from the brand’s current line up, I’d wear Love Relentlessly. But, I’m a sucker for patchouli even when it’s candied coated and floating in a fruit juice.

In a way, Love Relentlessly reminds me of like an Mugler Angel summer flanker. It’s a lot of patchouli but it manages to not be overly heavy (like Angel can) because of the fruits. It doesn’t really remind me of Tory Burch’s aesthetic but I guess they’re going for a young, wannabe hippie feel? Or they’re trying to make a perfume to go with their vintage-inspired prints? Or maybe it’s just a fluke and they put the name on something they thought would sell.

Linda Evangelista

Notes listed include fruits, pink pepper, iris, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and amber. Launched in 2016.

Give Love Relentlessly a try if you like fruitichoulis or want a “summer patchouli”. Or if you like perfumes like Coach Love, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Ungaro L’Amour Fou, Mugler Angel (or its flankers), Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight and/or Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance.

Projection and longevity are average.

Love Relentlessly comes in a few sizes with the 1.7 oz retailing for $86 at Nordstrom and Sephora. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSummer fruits and patchouli.  So, I guess it’s like a modern hippie perfume. Or at least the sort of modern hippie that obsesses over wellness and the environment but still shops fast fashion at the mall. Gah, that sounds meaner than what I wanted to sound like. I’m trying to be nice here!

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Linda Evangelista in Pucci in Vogue May 1990 pic from Open For Vintage. Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume Review

  1. First of all, I hate the name…..every time I have “loved relentlessly”, I come off as pushy and overbearing. I think I’ll stick with loving gently and compassionately.
    Secondly, patchouli and I have a “love/hate” relationship, so this is not something I’m going to willingly seek out – especially in 107 degree weather! But I do like the idea of “strawberry-caramel- musk”, so if I spot it somewhere, I’ll take a sniff.
    But I do love me some Linda Evangelista…..if her coolness came with a bottle of Love Relentlessly, I’d buy a case and bath in it.
    Thanks for the review!

    1. RIGHT?! I hate the name so much. Controlling much? I didn’t get into it…trying to be nice to Tory Burch for once. But, the name is truly terrible. I hate it too.

      I lurve patchouli, even when it is cheap and “designer”. Saying that, I totally get how people don’t like patchouli.

      If you’re interested in a strawberry-caramel-musk, I think some of the “you may like this if…” perfumes may be worth checking out (Pleasures Delight, Midnight Romance). Also Etat Libre d’Orange Delicious Closet Queen has some of that going on without smelling generic.

      I’m being very kind with the Linda Evangelista pic. It’s like when it’s those true crime shows on those crappy cable networks and they cast an actor to reenact some grizzly crime and the entire time I’m distracted by how nice casting was to the people involved. “Wait, he has no teeth, a perm and no jaw but they cast a hunk to play him. WHAT?” Linda would most def not wear Love Relentlessly. But, Love Relentlessly would probably wear Pucci-ish hippie prints and a lot of costume jewelry.

      1. Off topic but the only time I have chased someone down on the street to ask them what perfume they were wearing, it turned out to be Midnight Romance. I was surprised! It never smelled that good in the store! 😉

        1. Haha, isn’t that how it always goes?! The few times I’ve stopped someone to ask what they are wearing, it’s always something I have tried before but thought was (like Bvlgari Homme and the original Michael Kors!). I guess some perfumes smell better off of paper.

  2. OMG!!! – I always think the same exact thing when watching those true crime shows!!!
    “….and playing the part of no-teeth-meth-addicted-obese-mother-of-12 is Naomi Watts”. I’m always like REALLY????
    I’m going to look into some of those other fragrances……

    1. IT KILLS ME. Like you couldn’t get an average person to act in your low-budget production?! You get someone that is basically a model? Or when they put a 20 year old in a gray wig trying to make us think she’s the grandma, that cracks me up.

      I’ve oddly been in a fruity fragrance mood. And I don’t really have any (other than fig).

  3. Well the fragrance doesn’t sound like something I’m going to run out and try, but….wow – a short wig, some bronzer, crazy funky jewelry and prints??? Yes, please! And just how cool is that lipstick??

    1. Haha. Seriously, let’s all take the time to admire Linda’s early 90’s Vogue look because it’s truly glorious. I *do need* a lipstick in that shade. AND those shoes.

  4. Hm I vaguely recall the original TB and agree with your original review (screechy, boring). Haven’t tried this one yet. Patchouli and I are casual acquaintances so we’ll see.
    While I’m here, I’m compelled to correct a comment I made on a previous Mainstream Monday because I totally mixed up Chloe Love Story with Chloe Roses de Chloe! I just tested Love Story today and did a double take. Straight up albeit slightly sweeter Tide detergent. Not bad, I actually quite like Tide, but not as perfume. My previous comments were all about the rose Chloe. This is what brands get for creating so many flankers or bottles that look alike. Total Consumer Confusion!! :p

    1. It’s not one that I’m like “Rush out and try it!” but it’s one that I’m like “Don’t throw away the sample before trying it” perfumes.

      Haha, no problem! I realized a few months ago I recommended the wrong Chloe to someone on Twitter. They have entirely too many. This is why I HATE flankers, not because I’m a meanie, but because my mental capacity can’t handle all the flanker confusion.

      1. NB: in tiny letters, my Chloe sample said “Eau Sensuelle”. Gah! I can’t win with you, Chloe.

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