Tommi Sooni Eau de Tommi Sooni II EDT Perfume Review

Tommi Sooni Eau de Tommi Sooni II

I mentioned in my best of 2011 post that the Tommi Sooni line is the luxury perfume line to try in 2012. This line has mastered the art of “modern classics”. The scents seem familiar (they are based on classic chypre formulas, etc.) but the scents are updated and perfected. This master blending paired with expensive smelling ingredients makes this a luxury line worth trying. And lovers of Guerlain-esque gourmands must try Eau de Tommi Sooni II.

It’s been sometime since I’ve tried a fragrance that I can’t stop sniffing. When I’m not wearing Tommi Sooni II, I’m wishing that I was wearing Tommi Sooni II. I’m completely infatuated with this floral amber/gourmand.

Tommi Sooni II opens as a sweet citrus amber with heady florals. The top has brilliance with absolutely no glare; it’s so smooth. The zesty citrus and fruits slowly fade and I’m left with rich, honeyed florals. I seriously get the daphne flower which is a fragrance in nature that I absolutely adore. I’m actually shocked by how well Tommi Sooni II uses this heady, sweet floral. The heart is heady, honeyed white florals with almond dust (heliotrope must be in this) and a creamy amber. Surprisingly, the tart rhubarb reappears and adds a subtle tart greenness to the rich tropical florals (mostly ylang ylang), powderiness and creamy amber. The dry-down is a lovely almond-vanilla custard with a warm amber.

Notes listed include rhubarb, bergamot, lemon, daphne, jasmine, ylang ylang, honey, vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

Doris Eaton

Give Eau de Tommi Sooni II a try if you like sweet florals or perfumes like Napa Valley Cielo, Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang, Frapin 1697, Tom Ford Private Blend Jasmine Musk, and/or Guerlain L’Instant for Women (you must try Tommi Sooni II if you love L’Instant). I like all of the perfumes listed here, but I think Tommi Sooni II smells more “expensive” and more luxurious than all of them. I see Tommi Sooni II as a more feminine fragrance but men that wear sweeter scents like Guerlain L’Instant could and should wear this.

Tommi Sooni II has above average sillage and will leave an intoxicating trail. I also find that it has above average longevity. And this is an EDT! I can’t imagine what would happen if it was an EDP.

A 3.4 oz EDT of Eau de Tommi Sooni II retails for $160 and is available at Tommi Sooni.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Dazzling heady, honeyed white florals over a sweet and creamy amber and vanilla. This is the most “me” fragrance out of the line. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear the others. It means that this is the “full bottle” for me. This is the one that would get the most wear. I love it.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Tommi Sooni. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Tommi Sooni. Doris Eaton pic from

4 thoughts on “Tommi Sooni Eau de Tommi Sooni II EDT Perfume Review

  1. WOW… Victoria, you’re single-handedly broke my NY resolution of not buying samples until I go through the majority of those I currently have. The thing is: for more than a year now I’ve been dreaming about a perfume with a prominent Daphne note but didn’t come accross any. And here are you with your review… Thank you 🙂 (now I need to find who sells samples of this one).
    Undina recently posted..My Blog’s First Anniversary

    1. I don’t want to ruin your resolution!
      But, I did get daphne in this and then it turns into a honeyed ylang-ylang (on me). Daphne is not easy to find in perfume. This isn’t a daphne soliflore or anything like this but it really works well with the note.

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