Tom Ford Private Blends Azure Lime EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Private Blend Azure Lime is a “citrus floral” perfume. Reading the notes listed, I imagined this being more a feminine fragrance or at least a unisex Creed Virgin Island Water type perfume. After experiencing this fragrance, I see it on the more masculine end of the spectrum. It’s still unisex (but very masculine). I think of it as “fresh citrus-musk fragrance over woods”. Should Azure Lime have a Private Blend price tag? No. It’s just an OK fragrance. The world doesn’t need more “fragrance fillers”.

At first the citrus in Azure Lime EDP is masculine. Think Chanel Allure Sport. It has that sporty, citrus feel. It is  fresh after “hitting the showers” kind of fragrance. The citrus is zesty and energetic. Think lime and orange peel no grapefruit. The citrus is sweeter and smoother than a grapefruit or a lemon. It’s sweet lime! Where’s the mint? I want a mojito. 😉 I feel like this citrus is a bit musky, like there is something else mingling with the citrus. I really think that my beef with Azure Lime is that it smells really familiar and generic. I have sniffed a (many) popular men’s fragrance that opens exactly like this – citrus with synthetic clean musk.  It isn’t bad at all, but too familiar. The florals are really played down in this blend. They are there but they don’t really stand out. The florals are slightly “beachy“. The florals smell like manoï worn on salty bare skin.  The florals remind me ever so slightly of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in the oil form. Keep in mind, these florals are very, very, very faint. One isn’t going to sniff it and think of tanning oil or a woman’s perfume oil. I had to wear this many times before catching the florals. (I usually lose interest by this citrus-floral heart stage, so I forget to sniff!) There’s fresh cardamom and zesty white pepper . Azure Lime is a salty “ozone” with a little bit of tropical florals and lots and lots of “sporty” men’s cologne citrus over generic, boring mainstream woods.

Notes listed include citrus notes, florals, warm woods, and sensual musks.

When I was wearing this, my husband asked me, “Why are you wearing my Versace (Pour Homme) cologne? It smells cheap on you.” That’s his perspective. I think what he means is that it smells like a light aquatic Mediterranean inspired citrus cologne. 🙂 No, I agree with him to some extent. Azure Lime does not smell great on me. I told him what I was wearing to clarify that I wouldn’t dare touch his little mini of Versace Pour Homme and he says, “Don’t you know that Versace already does overly confident bossy jock for $55?” So…keep that in mind. There is nothing new to Azure Lime.

In comparison to other Tom Ford Private Blends, Azure Lime is much lighter wearing. It wears more like a men’s EDT/cologne. This means, in true “masculine” fashion, that at first spritz it can be a bit “loud” but then it fades after 30 minutes to something softer. All of the other Private Blends I’ve tried, I can smell after 6+ hours. To me this is the “sporty” fragrance in the Private Blends. “Sporty” is not needed at all in the Private Blend Collection in my opinion. I find Azure Lime a bit of a bummer since it made Moss Breches retire 🙁 And because of the wear, I don’t think this belongs to have the Private Blends status. This should of replaced Grey Vetiver in my opinion or been, dare I say, a Grey Vetiver flanker. Saying all of this, I do like this fragrance…for a man. I would never purchase a bottle. I do find it an attractive fragrance and I can see why someone would buy it. I just think one should examine their other fragrance options first, head on over to the men’s fragrance counter. You might find something you like for half the price.

*According to my husband after a few days of wearing Azure Lime on himself, he says that “it smells like a pasty-skinned funeral director on beach vacation“. After asking for clarification of this, I ddn’t see that with this scent, I think hubby is trying to say that it smells clean and fresh but the dry-down is a bit “dark and dead”. I have to admit that this wore much darker and drier on him than it did me. Moss and musks. I’m jealous of that.

The 1.7 oz of Azure Lime retails for $190.It is available at Nordstrom and Selfridges (UK).

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8 thoughts on “Tom Ford Private Blends Azure Lime EDP Perfume Review

    1. The more I think about it, the more I do see it as a funeral director scent. That’s how it wore on him.

  1. Enjoyed reading all of your husband’s comments. Especially, “Don’t you know that Versace already does overly confident bossy jock for $55?” LOL – that pretty much says it all!

    1. It’s true, but I have to wonder why he has a little bottle of “overly confident bossy jock” 😉

  2. I’ve fallen out of love with most of the Tom Fords. I’m sick of the prices and most of them are hyped. My favorite is Black Orchid and it isn’t even a Private Blend.

    1. I think many of us are growing tired of the expensive prices that some companies put on “average” perfumes. This is just one of many.

      I like most of the TF Private Blends, but really like you said, most aren’t any better than Black Orchid or my favorite White Patchouli. And those are cheaper.

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