Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather is an earthy, chypre leather fragrance. I’m completely in love with the first few hours of wear. It’s a rugged, foresty leather that makes me swoon despite its simplicity. Tuscan Leather should be my dream fragrance but I’m not impressed with this perfume’s dry-down. Tuscan Leather is a perfume that is rugged and masculine but with a feminine smoothness. It’s a modern interpretation of those classic 20’s-30’s masculine-feminine tobacco-leather-woods perfumes that “young, modern” women used to wear. I think of Tuscan Leather as a now take on old flapper perfumes.

The notes listed in Tuscan Leather are whacky and I ignore them. You should too 🙂 Tuscan Leather is leather. It’s the many aspects of a leathery fragrance without being too “dirty” or like a brisket rolling in charcoal. Tuscan Leather wears as worn, aged “brown” leather. There’s dirtiness, mossiness, earthiness. It’s like a pair of boots that have been stomping through a forest floor drying in front the heat of a rustic, open fire. Tuscan Leather isn’t all dirty and animalic. To keep things from being so ordinary (like a Demeter) and well, so masculine that only “manly” men would wear, there is a touch of saffron and rose. It’s more like wearing an attar, sitting in front of a fireplace with those leather boots drying out. Tuscan Leather keeps wearing as a leather. But, this leather transforms from a pair of worn boots to a pair of new gloves out of the box. The leather starts to smell new and elegant. It’s suede and it’s soft and you can’t stop sniffing it. There’s an incense smokiness with dry mosses. It’s an elegant modern leather chypre.

The dry-down, like after 15 hours of wear, is pretty, too pretty in my opinion. It’s a soft modern woods and amber with a soft vanilla. There’s a tiny hint of saffron. But, the dry-down is your basic “modern” dry-down, very cuddly and soft with a hint of suede. Very tame, not bad, and very close wearing/subtle. But, it reminds me of Bvlgari Black which I can get for much, much cheaper. I like the dry-down but I often wonder if it is sweeter on certain people. My skin intensifies the amber and I swear I get vanilla. I would of liked for Tuscan Leather to have a dirtier dry-down. OK, I want it to be more old-fashioned. I want for it to be a flapper scent…one that hasn’t been reformulated.

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Tuscan Leather is a dry leather that one could wear daily because it isn’t dirty or raunchy. It also has a more “modern” feel. It isn’t like a 1920’s old-fashioned leather like Chanel Cuir de Russie, Molinard Habanita, or Cuir de Lancôme; however, I see how these scents have inspired Tuscan Leather. This is why I both like and dislike Tuscan Leather! I love that it is easy to wear but I kind of hate how the dirtiness and grit is played down. Hey, you can’t please all the fragrance critics! And those that like animalic fragrances are a bizarre crowd, trust me. 😉

Notes listed include saffron, raspberry, thyme, olibanum, night blooming jasmine, leather, black suede, and amberwood.

Try Tuscan Leather if you like the smell of leather, not a perfumery interpretation of leather or a “classic” perfume leather, but the smell of luxurious leather goods either it be a pair of old boots, new gloves, or even a brown leather club chair. Tuscan Leather is easily unisex in my opinion. It seems to adapt to the wearer. It’s a blend of masculine and feminine. Try it if you like perfumes like Bvlgari Black, Malin + Goetz Rum Tonic, L’Artisan Dzongkha, Serge Lutens Daim Blond, and/or Le Sirenuse Bois d’Ombrie. You must like leather.

The 1.7 oz. retails for $190 and the 3.4 oz. for $260. There’s even an 8.4 oz! Tom Ford Private Blends are available at Nordstrom and Selfridges (UK).

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10 thoughts on “Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather EDP Perfume Review

  1. Egads, how much is the 8.4 oz bottle?! Can you imagine having a few of those in your scents of choice? I can. It was partly your enthusiasm for Tobacco Vanille that made me take the plunge on a decant of it, and I’m SO happy I did. It’s one of the only times I’ve imagined a scent and it turned out to be exactly how I imagined it. Perfection. I think I’ll probably skip Tuscan Leather, though. It sounds neither here nor there. 🙂
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Embracing Original Sin- Ormonde Woman

    1. Those huge bottles are unbelievable. I’ve gazed upon them in person!
      I think you’d like Tuscan Leather, I really do. Many people layer Tuscan Leather with Tobacco Vanille. I don’t see the point in that because, well, look at their price! Should of been done right the first go around 😉 But, what people are doing is softening the Leather with Tobacco. I find Leather much too soft as is.
      Tuscan Leaher – It’s like soft, worn leather and then incense suede and then a sweeter suede. Not bad. But, something I feel could be done for $100 or under. And I’m a difficult leather customer to please. If I want leather, I’ll buy a fragrance oil. I expect leather to be used creatively.

  2. It’s like a pair of boots stomping… that is my favorite line. Great review. I, too, own this scent and like it quite a bit. I will have to wear it again an pay closer attention to the dry down. Dirtier scents are my thing as well.
    Barney A. Bishop recently posted..A Chat With Ineke Ruhland

    1. I would love to know the dry-down on you. On me, it’s a “modern” woods/amber. It’s pretty but I sniff this in Estee Lauders. My husband gets the same on his skin, sweet woods, but he loves that kind of thing.

      I like most of the Private Blends. I was a fool for not buying that LE coffret.

  3. Hmm… this looks kinda good. Layering with TV sounds kinda good… but yeah, the prices are pretty obnoxious on the entire TF line.

    I will say while I don’t have a ton of experience with the TF line, TV is my favorite “of its type” (far better than Havana Vanille in my book.)

    1. I really do like Tuscan Leather, it’s an easy to wear leather with enough earthiness. I know the price is making me so judgmental. I’m expecting some more “wow” or a cheaper price. If this was in the regular line about $100, I’d urge you, your grandma, your neighbor, and everyone else to buy it.

      I’d own all of the Private Blends if I could, well excluding one, but I can’t afford them all. So, I have to be picky. TV is my pick.

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