Tom Ford Jasmine Musk Perfume Review

Tom Ford Jasmine Musk EDP

Tom Ford White Musk Collection Jasmine Musk is duh, a jasmine musk. I usually go crazy for jasmine perfumes. I’m surprised that my response to this one is <shrug shoulders>. I feel like Jasmine Musk is lacking something. It comes across as too “clean” and too simple. How can jasmine and musk together smell clean? I expected straight up skank in this bottle, but all I got was a pretty, clean floral. A pretty, clean floral isn’t a terrible thing but it is a disappointment when you 1. are expecting a Private Blend creation here and 2. wanted something with some substance.

All of the Tom Ford White Musks smell very synthetic. I’m not bothered by synthetics they can add so much to a fragrance. I feel like the White Musks the sci-fi scents of the luxury fragrance world. I feel like Jasmine Musk is a “Futureshock”…” In the future jasmine will smell like vanilla and musk will smell like Barabosol.” When I first spritzed my sample of Jasmine Musk, thoughts rushed in my head. I thought I accidentally sprayed on something else or this was mislabeled even though it was from the manufacturer. I smelled something that reminded me of Aquanet and that banana flavoring oil sold at Asian markets. Very confusing when you expected sultry jasmine and sexy musk. The initial wasn’t awful. It seemed like very alcoholish tropical floral with synthetic banana (often used in paint thinner BTW). I mean this is “hissy”. It feels like getting bombarded by an orchestra only playing high notes. After a few minutes, the fragrance settles. I get lots of powdery ylang-ylang. I find ylang-ylang is a note that you love or hate. You either think it is a sultry white floral or you think it smells like baby wipes. If you don’t like ylang-ylang, stay away from Jasmine Musk. The ylang-ylang does come across as very synthetic as well. I hate to say it but it smells like it could be a baby wipe because it s seems soapy. The jasmine is still there, less like a banana but still a bit like a banana.The dry-down is a bit spicy and I do get patchouli but it reminds me of a Caswell-Massey type of patchouli, like an aftershave patchouli. It’s “spicy and assertive”. And I kid you not, these together make the base smell just like Original Barbasol Shaving Cream. This dry-down even has that foamy, soapy “feel” to it. It smells like rinsed off shaving cream. I don’t know. This entire fragrance just falls short. I feel like it is missing something or it was meant to be layered. It just seems like an incomplete fragrance. This sci-fi scent seems like it is giving me an “Error” message.

1950's Barbasol shaving cream ad.
stag-mag Barbasol ad. She’s saying, “I’ll sand the stench of Tom Ford Jasmine Musk off of you, baby.”

Overall, I am sooo not impressed with Jasmine Musk. I wouldn’t buy a bottle of Jasmine Musk if it was $20. I wouldn’t even use it as a room spray. I really dislike it. It has so many things that I dislike. I hate artificial banana flavoring. Ylang-ylang is just now starting to grow on me. I’m still working on “ylang-ylang does not smell like baby products”. I hate the smell of Barbasol Shaving Cream because it reminds me of elementary schools. (Many elementary schools use “cheap” shaving cream to clean desks and to teach spelling.) Tom Ford Jasmine Musk is “icky” to me. It smells like a tropical floral detergent or some sort of cleaning soap product. It isn’t offensive at all despite my comparisons. I would like Tom Ford Jasmine Musk as a fabric softener,maybe. Saying all of this and realizing that these are my own quirks, I can see how others can like this. If you like pretty, soapy, clean florals. I can understand liking Tom Ford Jasmine Musk but I can not understand flipping out over it and buying it. I can see how it is pleasant but lots of fragrances are!  I also don’t know how I feel about this being unisex. I can see a woman wearing this but a man…I don’t know. It sure is a hissy floral until it gets that spicy-patchouli shaving cream dry-down. I’m sure some guy can pull this EDP off…more power to him.

I’m also disappointed with the wear. It has about 4-5 hours of staying power on me on 70°days. Um, I’m still not over how one can mess up jasmine and musk? Shouldn’t that be amazing together?

Notes listed include: heady florals, ylang ylang, jasmine, smooth vanilla, and earthy patchouli.

So…who should try Tom Ford Jasmine Musk? Those that like clean, soapy tropical florals. Or if you like detergent like scents. I can’t think of a fragrance right now that resembles Jasmine Musk, so maybe it is original? I can only think of things that smell like it. Who shouldn’t try Jasmine Musk? Those that dislike ylang-ylang, artificial banana flavoring, and cheap foamy shaving creams. So, me.

UPDATE: Perfume has been discontinued.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand. 

15 thoughts on “Tom Ford Jasmine Musk Perfume Review

    1. I like a few of the Tom Ford Private Blends (Neroli Portofino, Tabacco Vanille, Oud Wood) but this White Musk Collection is a waste of space. I can’t believe how much they cost as well. All of the White Musks that I have sampled smell like something that was formulated in a work day. I wouldn’t pay $20 for any of them, so I’m shocked by their price.

  1. Wow, jasmine and musk that smells clean? Sounds to me like there is no jasmine OR musk, real or synthetic in this perfume.

    Love your caption for the Barbasol ad. Made me laugh out loud!

  2. I have to admit I was underwhelmed by all the Tom Ford Musks. I’ve given them a few runs and they don’t impress me more than inexpensive drugstore musks. I am guilty of loving clean musks but the jasmine was just too synthetic in this. I’ll stick to my Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil for clean and my Coty Wild Musk for a slightly less clean musk lol

    1. Musk shouldn’t be a note one can mess up. I’ve bought many Arabic musk oils that smell a million times better than any of the Tom Ford White Musks.
      Oh, I like dirty, skanky musks like Coty Wild Musk (my standard, LOL), but I like a clean musk too. Is there a smell more “cuddly” than white musk? I don’t think so 🙂 I’d wear Jovan White Musk over any of the Tom Ford White Musks any day (saving like $160). Like you said, it’s not about the price. If I sniffed Jovan on a wrist and Tom Ford on the other, I would of thought the Jovan was the one retailing close to $200.

  3. Reading the White Musk description online, I thought that Jasmine Musk would be the prettiest or at least the one I would wear. But, this sounds awful but I still want to try it. Curiosity killed the cat!

    1. Don’t get me wrong, a few of the Tom Ford Private Collection fragrances are very beautiful. Saying that, I haven’t found one White Musk that I like…so you aren’t missing much with the White Musk Collection! Just go to Walgreen’s and sniff a Coty or Jovan 🙂

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