The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest EDP Perfume Review

The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a perfume based solely on blackcurrant (cassis) by The Vagabond Prince (a brand created by the founders of Fragrantica). We haven’t seen a perfume use this much blackcurrant before because, to put it bluntly, people think it smells like kitty piss. Blackcurrant is a polarizing note in perfumery. It reminds people of sulfur and ammonia. At the same time, it’s wonderful. Many of us love its flavor; we think of kir royale and the smell of the fruit is nostalgic for some of us.

Enchanted Forest is inspired by an enchanted, magical, mysterious forest. It opens with  sunshine hitting blackcurrant leaves. It’s green and fruity, slightly camphoric. Yes, I get a slight ammonia from the berries. The deal with Enchanted Forest is that it is going to be a memory fragrance for many people. If you have the memory, you’ll see yourself barefoot and picking blackcurrants. Enchanted forest gets boozier reminding me of rum mixed with blackcurrant juice. It wears rather linear as a blackcurrant “solifruit” until it hits the dry-down. The dry-down is a warm amber and acrid incense with evergreens and a hint of castoreum funk. Blackcurrant ends up at mass.

This is one you’re going to like (or dislike) because it is a “memory” fragrance. If you don’t have those memories, I can see you being bored with this one. And let’s face it, blackcurrant is one polarizing note; it’s almost irrelevant if you don’t have the memories. For me Enchanted Forest is a memory fragrance but not necessarily a pleasant one. I associate the flavor and smell with the juice used as a home remedy to treat and prevent viral illnesses (as the nectar has high concentrations of Vitamin C). There’s Papier d’Armenie (benzoin) burned to purify the air of germs. I smell Enchanted Forest and smell being sick and home from school as a little kid. I smell it and hear the Price of Right wheel spinning and Bob Barker telling me to spade or neuter my pets. And then I hear my grandmother coming into the room to call me out as a big faker because I’m watching game shows instead of sleeping. For me this is an enchanted fragrance at all, it’s me recovering from a head cold. We always have a carton of “czarna porzeczka sok” in our fridge and I have to admit that even as an adult I still associate this flavor/smell with being ill. But, I drink it anyway because it has to be good for you becuase it tastes like a multi-vitamin.

Ulyana Sergeenko
She’s here because she’s awesome.

Notes listed include pink pepper, aldehydes, orange, blackcurrant flowers and leaf, hawthorn, rum, wine, rosemary, davana, blackcurrant buds, Russian coriander seed, honeysuckle, rose, carnation, vetiver, opoponax, Siam benzoin, amber, fir balsam, patchouli, castoreum, cedar, vanilla, musk, and oakmoss. Launch date 2013. PERFUMER – Betrand Duchaufour

Give Enchanted Forest a try if you really, really love blackcurrant. Or if you like fruity perfumes like Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling, L’Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc, Byredo Pulp and/or Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte. Enchanted Forest is unisex.

The bottle and packaging of this perfume is amazing (if that matters to you). It has a hefty feel and no plastic cap! And I love the artwork on the box and bottle. I have to say that bottles and packaging rarely impress me, but this one did.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $180 at The Vagabond Prince. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Fresh blackcurrants followed by smoky incense. A blackcurant solifruit. You know, I have issues and I explained that above (and I don’t expect for you to relate). This isn’t something that I’d really like to smell like but I don’t mind smelling. I can see why someone could like or dislike this fragrance. Bottom line – you’ve got to love blackcurrant.

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*Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Fragrantica. Ulyana Sergreenko pic from

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  1. I love this bottle but as you said, don’t think I would like to smell like black currant.
    Czarna porzeczka sok? Are you Polish?

    1. Being American, I’m all mixed up. My great-grandparents emigrated to Poland from Armenia and then came to the US (and lived in a Polish ‘hood). I was raised on some of the foods. There is some culinary crossover.

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