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The Lipstick League – Week of 9.24.12

Lya de Putti

The Lipstick League – week of 9.24.12

Question of the Week: – How does your makeup routine change from summer to fall?

EauMG’s Answer: My skin gets crazy dry in the fall/winter. AND the rainy season starts in Seattle, so my makeup routine changes big time. I switch to a creamier foundation and concealer from no foundation in the summer. I switch to a primer (Reviva Labs) instead of mineral sunscreen powder to help foundation last longer in the humidity. I switch to waterproof mascara and liner so I don’t look cray-cray when I walk around Seattle. I wear cream eyeshadows and cream blushes more often; these hold up to the humidity much better than powders. And my lipsticks typically get more red or darker. I’m a closet goth, you can usually tell this in the fall – loads more liner and darker lipsticks. I just get way more dramatic in the fall. It puts me in my element.

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we heart this – ever wonder what a beauty blogger buys when she’s the one paying? Find out with Stef’s latest Bluemercury and Kiehl’s haul.

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EauMG – Oud has been the “it” note in niche perfumes for awhile. We’ve smelled dirty ouds, rose-ouds, and ouds for dudes. Finally, we have a pretty, pretty princess oud – Review of HEELEY Agarwoud extrait parfum.

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Nouveau Cheap – tried her first Asian BB cream, Missha Perfect Cover SPF42, and tells you exactly why she loves it more than her American BB creams.

Pink Sith – Reviews butter LONDON nail polish in Knackered by using .gifs and pictures, and is giving away 2 more nail polishes from butter LONDON to boot!

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Prime Beauty – Lola’s Secret Beauty blog is a little known gem in the blogosphere. Lola has excellent taste in cosmetics and a beautiful writing style. A must read!

*Lya de Putti pic from Perfect hair here. Perfect.