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The Lipstick League – Week of 8/12/2013

Ava Gardner

The Lipstick League – Week of 8/12/2013

Question of the Week – How did you arrive at your current eyebrow shape? Were you born with those brows, did you get them professionally shaped or did you shape them yourself? And are you happy with them?

EauMG’s AnswerIt’s real talk time. I’ve always had a unibrow (Armenian, yo) and I know it sounds bad, like something (borderline child abuse) on “Toddler and Tiaras” but I’ve been waxing my brows since I was 10 years old as mean kids called me “werewolf girl”. Now being someone that has been waxing and shaping my brows since I was 10, I’m very thankful. I could have really messed them up along the way (have you seen the style of eyebrows that Southern women like???). But, I didn’t. I love my brow shape and I’m happy that I never went too thin with them. Thank you grandma for telling me to never go thinner than Brooke Shields. By the way, she was the one that shaped my brows from 10 until I was about 20. I have only had my brows done professionally a few times and hated what they did. They always wanted to go too thin and if I kept going to them they would have destroyed my brows. I tend to my own brows. My brow icons and who I would model my shape after were Brooke Shields, Ava Gardner and Angelina Jolie. Despite the childhood taunting, my husband says that one of the things he was first attracted to with me was my “Persian Brooke Shields” brows. 

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    1. When it comes to brows and you feel like giving up, then give up. If you push through no telling what you’ll end up with!

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