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The Lipstick League – Week of 7/18/16

Sue Lyons

The Lipstick League – week of 7.18.16

Question of the Week: What alternative products do you use in your skincare regime? Think supplements, things found in the garden or the fridge…

EauMG’s Answer: For health reasons, I take a variety of multi-vitamins which have helped with my hair and skin. I also started taking turmeric, probiotics and the like. In fact, I love talking about this stuff so maybe I should save it for an actual post instead. I also try my best to eat healthy now. Since cutting out dairy, not only have I felt better but my skin looks great. I use a lot of oils on my hair and skin, which is not really alternative, in my opinion. As far as DIY skincare, I don’t really mess with that but I did make an oil and coffee scrub that was amazing. And I found some old family beauty recipes which all involve a lot of rosewater and clarified butter (ghee).

EauMG – I can’t explain why but this cheap, celebrity perfume ALWAYS gets me compliments. Since I like this perfume too, this makes me really happy.

Gouldylox – Have you seen the new It Cosmetics Superhero palette? It launches in August and you’re probably going to need it.

My Beauty Bunny – It’s ALL about the highlighting these days, and we’ve got the details on the latest must-have palette: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit: Hit or Miss?

My Newest Addiction – This week Laura shared one of her summer beauty secrets! Check out her 5 reasons to fake tan before vacation!

Nouveau Cheap – is Max Factor coming back to US drugstores? Yes! Kind of.

Olive & Ivy – I can’t get enough of the Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tints! They are gorgeous and so comfortable for everyday wear. Best of all, there’s a nude for everyone in this line!

Phyrra – You know I’m passionate about cruelty free beauty. But did you know I care about animal friendly handbags? I share my favorite animal friendly eco friendly vegan handbags!

we heart this – Have you seen the new Kleenex Exfoliating Pads? You’re going to wonder how you ever traveled without them?

Beautygeeks – is all over these summer scents for living your fantasy life – and the Summer Pasta recipe slays, too.

Blushing Noir – When you have no time to fuss with coordinating your makeup products buy a multi-tasker like the new PIXI Beauty 2-in-1 MultiBalms… or enter to WIN ALL FIVE.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

EauMG is Currently Craving: MILK Holographic Stick. This HUGE moisturizing shimmer stick is perfect for those of us that want to look like a really cute alien or miss being a 90’s club kid.

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8 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 7/18/16

  1. It would great to read a column by you on “turmeric, probiotics and the like.” And the recipe for the oil and coffee scrub.

    1. I don’t want to come across as a supplement weirdo but I have to admit that I may be a supplement weirdo 😉

      I should. It was scribbled in one of my grandmother’s cookbooks that I was given. I actually do remember her making it and claiming it was good for cellulite. That part, I don’t know but I do know that it made my skin so smooth.

  2. I just started drinking this tea from Yogi that’s supposed to be a ‘skin detox’ and is a Rose Hibiscus flavor. Not sure if it’s actually helping anything but it tastes really godo!

    Also I’ve been using the Morpheus face soap from Witch Baby Soap and I feel like my skin has improved since I started using it!

    Other than that, i’ve noticed a difference when I drink and insane amount of water every day. The only things I really drink now are water and tea. And occasionally a beer if I’m going out somewhere.

    1. Oh, I have had that! I don’t know either but I love the flavor.

      I wish Witch Baby would have stuff in stock when I’m thinking about them. I mean, they’re always sold out, so I know that makes them even better, lol.

      OK, so I have stopped drinking except on the very rare occasion. I’ve went from like 8 cups of coffee a day to half a cup! It’s too hard for me to stay hydrated so I’ve cut all that stuff out. Anyway, I feel so much better and my skin looks better. I forgot to mention too that I drink vinegar teas daily and I truly believe those have helped me with my stomach and clearing up my skin. I really should do a post on this topic because I’d love to know what other people are doing too.

      1. I’ve felt so much better ever since i cut out coffee. I’ll have it once in a while but I’ll only drink black iced coffee and i try to only get it on the weekends. I feel like if I restrict myself to that, it’ll be easier to be less tempted by it.

        Please do a whole post on the topic! I find it so interesting!

        And Witch Baby is wonderful. I follow them on instagram to find out when they do restocks. My favorite thing so far is the bath potion i purchased. I think the scent is called Whispering Woods or something similar to that. It has rose petals and juniper berries in it and creates the most wonderful long lasting bubbles. It reminds me of wood shavings when you smell it at first but in the bath it turns into this lovely scent. I signed up for their Autumn bath box and i can’t wait to see what is in it.

        1. I had no clue it would make me feel so much better because frankly, I was so addicted to it after living in Seattle for 8 years!

          I should. There’s a couple other things I thought about too that I swear by that aren’t like “beauty products”. Of course, mileage varies from person to person but I want to hear what other people are doing too.

          I’ll eventually get me some of their products! I guess they’re on the West Coast? Because I saw a restock alert but it was the next morning and it was already sold out!

          1. Witch Baby is actually located in Kennilworth, NJ 🙂

            It’s totally worth stalking their Instagram. I think they have a huge fall launch coming up at the end of August and they just restocked some of their body scrubs and body butters

          2. Well, they must be night owls 😉 I find that a lot of the posts go up after I’m asleep. But, I’ll keep stalking!

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