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The Lipstick League – Week of 7.2.12

Michele Mercier

The Lipstick League – week of 7.2.12

Question of the Week: – What’s your go-to shade of lip color for Summer 2012?

EauMG’s Answer: It has just turned summer in the PNW just a few days ago. I have yet to decide what my go-to shade is. Most summers I wear orange, not really feeling that this year. 

Pink Sith – is putting WHAT on her face? Yep. Phillips Milk Of Magnesia. It’s not for a constipated face, it’s for oil control!

Prime Beauty – is sporting the summer bright trend with Le Metier de Beaute Haute House Hues!

Phyrra – Phyrra goes green with the Garnier Greener Tour Event!

Vampy Varnish – Thinks you are sure to find the perfect shade (or 5) in the new Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks from the Art of Sexy Collection for Fall!

we heart this – thinks it’s impossible to have too many lip balms. But here are seven favorites, as voted by our review team, that you NEED. Did your favorite make the list?

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber shares the Mirror Metallics Collection from Essie, and is amazed by how easy they are to work with!

EauMG – It’s summer. It’s hot. Here’s my guide to perfumes that smell like orange cream pops!

Gouldylox Reviews – After a popular BB Cream caused a serious allergic reaction, I found one thing that would help ease the pain and heal my skin. Some may call it a Miracle

Nouveau Cheap – has an insane deal to share with you ($61 worth of makeup for $10 and BOGOFREEnail polish), PLUS an exclusive coupon code to go with it.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Pink Sith – My new Favorite blog from down under. This blogger is my sister from another mister. Check out Lather Rinse Repeat’s blog on one of my favorite subjects – Facial Masks!

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